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    Australian Formula 500 Champion Liam Williams has held on to win by the barest of margins and claim the overall Speedweek honours after Grant Stansfield took the win on a night full of action at Portland’s Southern 500 Speedway last night.

    Once again close to 40 cars were on hand for the Speedweek decider as the night did not disappoint the big crowd on hand.
    The leadup to the final itself led to many of the contenders fall by the wayside with Angelo Karoussis & Tyler Beasy both involved in accidents forcing them to come through the B Main. James Aranyosi was another who was in the wars having also been involved in a couple accidents during the heats.

    With Williams qualifying on the front row alongside Stansfield basically all Williams had to do was finish. However, Stansfield had collected enough points to be within reach of the Australia #1 and should something happen an unlikely Speedweek overall win was on the cards.

    The final got underway no further than turn 4 when a multi car accident involved Terry Rankin, Ashlee Aranyosi, Jordan Mansell, Michael Pearson, Steve Jabke, Steven Horton, while Ryan McNamara who slowed to miss the ensuing melee also found himself in the wall after a huge bicycle. All of them were able to restart except McNamara.

    At the resumption, the field only got through another lap when Glen Underwood tipped the #96 Underwood Party Hire machine over in turn 2.

    With still 18 to go it was Williams from Stansfield, Bellman, last start winner Dale Sinclair, Josh Buckingham, Queensland’s Ryan Skennar who was having his best run, Mansell likewise, James Aranyosi, Lexi Underwood with Steven Horton rounding out the top 10.

    On a smooth slick track, Williams had bolted and built up a sizeable gap between himself and second placed Stansfield who was under attack from Bellman, Sinclair and Buckingham who were all involved in a great battle.

    With 2 laps remaining it looked inevitable that Williams was going to take the win however strange things do happen and a piece of clay had hit the fuel tap off forcing the car to slow dramatically on the final lap. Stansfield was able to capitalise on this and take the win from Bellman, Sinclair, Buckingham who had been fast all week without any luck, Skennar, Jordan Mansell with his best finish for the Series, James Aranyosi, Steve Jabke in a great effort finishing 8th while Lexi Underwood and Steven Horton rounded out the top ten.

    Everyone was eager to find out who had won the Series as Stansfield had gained enough points to close right back with grasp of the lead Williams had built up but would fall short by 1 point in the closest finish you will see in any Series.

    Heat Winners on the Night were: Liam Williams, Glen Underwood, Jordan Mansell, Terry Rankin, Dale Sinclair & Chris Bellman.
    Marcus Gibbons would win the altitude award after a frightening crash in turn one in Heat 5 Steph Munn was also involved and both would retire for the night with too much damage to continue. Daniel Burleigh was another to join the upside down club in the Heat races as was Jesse Elston, Tyler Beasy while Jake Hose was involved in a nasty flip in the B Main.

    The B main was won by Mathew Symons from Steven Horton and Patrick Merrett, with Michael Pearson, Phil Micallef and Ryan McNamara completing the top 6. The two A Reserves were Brad Stell and Tyler Beasy.

    At the end of a gruelling week The Top Ten for the Formula 500 Speedweek Series 2016/17 would look like this.

    Liam Williams 438 $2,000 Overall Series Winner
    Grant Stansfield 437 $1,750 Runner Up
    James Aranyosi 430 $1,500 Third Place
    Chris Bellman 427 $1,250 Fourth Place
    Dale Sinclair 424 $1,000 Fifth Place
    Josh Buckingham 422 Cates Motorsport Rear Beam
    Terry Rankin 401 Boss Chassis/Beasy Motorsport Pack
    Ryan McNamara 397 Hoosier Tyre
    Tyler Beasy 397 Aeroflow Tank
    Angelo Karoussis 396

    Across the road after the meeting at the Heathmere Football Clubrooms the Series Presentations were held and the top ten were awarded their trophies and prizes thanks to the wonderful sponsors of the Series plus Autosmart Smart Solutions not only awarded one but 3 Best Presented Car Awards across the series and it was Tyler Beasy who was awarded the Best Presented Car for the Series from Steph Munn and Leigh Van Ginneken.
    The random draw for those placed between 11th and 20th was won by Glen Underwood who won a Swift Industries Prize Pack.

    On behalf of the Victorian Formula 500 Association we would like to thank those sponsors for the Speedweek Series:
    Autosmart Smarter Solutions
    Warrnambool Powder Coating
    DK Race Parts
    C.I.C. Racing Wheels
    Bratt Engineering
    Lethal Race Wings
    Hoosier Racing Tires
    Boss Chassis Australia
    Beasy Motorsport
    Cates Motorsport
    Triple X Race Co.
    Sinclair Industries
    Swift Industries
    Plus the Round sponsors also: Westvic Sheds & Garages, Aeroflow, R&J Batteries,
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