• With a magnificent Harley Davidson Street 500 on offer for the overall Points Champion, plus the opportunity to collect a cool $10,000 bonus for sweeping the weekend, the 2017 Geelong Harley Davidson Easter Sprintcar Trail has attracted an amazing entry list, with more than 55 cars set to contest at least one night of competition.

    Former Easter Trail Round winners Grant Anderson, Steven Lines, Shaun Dobson and David Murcott set to be joined in battle by in-form drivers such as Darren Mollenoyux, two-time and defending WA Sprintcar Champion Tim Van Ginneken, recently crowned Eureka Series Champion Brett Milburn, current Victorian Champion Aidan Hall, Marcus Dumesny and Corey McCullagh.

    With drivers set to converge on all three venues from every State and Territory except for Queensland, the action is sure to be red hot as several up and coming young stars aim to stake their claim on the National Sprintcar scene.

    The girls won’t be outdone either with Kim Becker, Stacey Galliford and Lisa Walker all set to throw caution to the wind over the three nights of the 38th Easter Trail.

    The 2017 Geelong Harley Davidson Easter Sprintcar Trail will be held on Friday April 14, 2017 at Avalon Raceway, Geelong, Borderline Speedway, Mt. Gambier on Saturday April 15, 2017 before the final night on Sunday April 16, 2017 at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool.
    Patrons are reminded that Open Pit Party’s will be held prior to each nights racing at all three venues, which when coupled with the Massive Fireworks Displays, makes for a great family outing.

    Please direct all enquiry to Premier Speedway on (03) 55651 789.

    Nominations as at 5.00pm on Wednesday April 5, 2017:

    V2 Domain Ramsay
    V3 Ian Loudoun
    W3 Steven Lines
    S4 Lisa Walker
    T7 Tim Hutchins
    S15 Aidan Hall
    V17 Dennis Jones
    S19 Brad Keller
    NT20 Jack Bell
    S20 Glen Sutherland
    ACT21 Shaun Dobson
    V25 Jack Lee
    V27 Ross Jarred
    V28 Andrew Hughes
    V29 Michael Tancredi
    S32 Ben Gartner
    V32 Stephen Spark
    V36 Tim Van Ginneken
    V37 Grant Anderson
    N40 Chris McInerney
    V40 Rusty Hickman
    S45 Jake Tranter
    T45 Kurt Luttrell
    N46 Stacey Galliford
    ACT47 Ben Morrison
    N47 Marcus Dumesny
    V47 Tim Rankin
    N48 Jackson Delamont
    T48 Nicholas Penno
    V48 Adam King
    V50 Darren Clarke
    NT51 AJ Nash
    V52 Darren Mollenoyux
    N53 Jessie Attard
    N55 Kim Becker
    V55 Ashley Scott
    V60 Jordyn Charge
    V61 Robert Nicholas
    V68 Brett Milburn
    V70 John Vogels
    S72 Chad Ely
    V72 Jacob Smith
    V73 Charles Hunter
    V75 Nigel Harding
    V77 Brayden Parr
    V81 Robbie Paton
    ACT83 David McKay
    V84 Sam Wren
    S88 Todd Wigzell
    V88 David Murcott
    V89 Jamie Heyen
    V90 Corey McCullagh
    S96 Brendan Guerin
    S97 Matt Egel
    V98 Peter Doukas
    ACT99 Jay Waugh

    Super Rod Entries for Super Rod Cup at Premier Speedway – Sunday April 16, 2017:

    S9 Darryl Nelson
    AV12 Adrian Rieck
    W13 Shaun Walsh
    W19 Damien Falkingham
    W21 Troy Gleeson
    M22 Corey Degliatis
    W26 Alex Bath
    S31 Rod Smith
    AV33 Peter Jenkins
    M41 Jason Kavanagh
    L46 Neville Simper
    W51 Leigh Podger
    W55 Michael Coad
    S66 Sally Woolstencroft
    G69 Geoff Long
    W84 Paul Verhoeven
    M85 Paul Singleton
    W88 Howard Stansfield
    W98 Ewan McKenzie

    End Release.

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