• By his own admission Victorian Speedcar ace Travis Mills believes that 2016/2017 was a period of mixed contrasts and a building platform to more consistency when the new season fires up come October.

    “To be honest, we had our ups and downs. You can really divide our season into two halves. We struggled before Christmas but we found some real speed and some encouraging signs in early January and then carried that into the busy part of the season,” Mills explains.

    A bold decision to put a new racecar together prior to January seemed to be the kick in the pants that the 37-year-old second generation speedster needed to rediscover his mojo.

    “Considering we’d been on the sidelines for eighteen months we probably didn’t fare too bad, “he muses, “but whenever we go racing we do it to the best of our ability and we always want to do better. That’s the essence of competing in any facet of life.”

    In the early part of January with the new car built and the confidence of it’s driver restored the GRD powered Dutton Garage #10 and so began a period of rediscovery.

    “We really got cranking,” grins the man affectionately known as ‘Squizzy’, “the whole thing just felt right and we racked up some great results in some really fast company.”

    Second place in the 2017 Tim Crouch Memorial in Murray Bridge South Australia (which is also a lucrative Speedcar Super Series round), Victorian Championship and G Town Rumble; Victory at the
    Inaugural ‘Skip Race’ and a VSDA club show set the team up to take out the Avalon Raceway Speedcar Track Championship and the VSDA Club Championship and Owner’s Championship.

    “We raced thirteen times and by the end of the season we were really hitting our marks. Considering the time we had away from the game in taking a year off and the early season inconsistency I was really pleased with where we ended up. I think we’ve had the best possible lead-up to the 2017/2018 season with all the data we’ve gained and the speed we’ve achieved and I can’t wait for it all to start again.”

    Speaking on behalf of co-owner Dutton Garage, Clinton Mills is also delighted with the progress and indicates that the new season will be even bigger.

    “We’re now working on revamping our spares inventory and investing back into the car during the winter,” Clinton outlines, “we had a couple of moments where mechanically we were let down last season and I think that by stepping up our program with diffs, steering boxes and the like we can minimize the impact a failure in that department can have on a major result. Last season Squizzy was leading the SA title at Murray Bridge when we had a coupler fail in the diff and that ruled us out when we were leading a quality field. We’re already working on expanding our sponsorship base, looking at some additional activity and just taking our whole program up a notch.”

    The stunning Dutton Garage #10 is being primed during the winter and then being readied for competition later in the year.

    Sponsors/supporters who would like to get on board the new season ahead with the #10 are welcome to contact the team through kate@millsmotorsport.com or cmills@duttonwholesale.com.au

    Looking forward and looking back this may well be the best season yet for the Mills Motorsport Team.

    Mills Motorsport wish to thank:

    • Dutton Garage – Clinton Mills
    • Sacrifice Scooters - Daniel and Donna Mills
    • Redline Engineering - Ken Thomas
    • Kay Mainline Manufacturing - Keith Astrella
    • Dutton Motorsport – Ben Henson
    • Sell Your Car Fast – Amit Kumar and Chris Wood
    • Ace Car Freighters – Brent Barber
    • Ezy Auto – Demo Carakitsos
    • Bradley's Prestige World – Brad Carter

    The hard working Crew (if they don’t roll we can’t rock) led by Kelvin (we’re extremely grateful for his dedication and ongoing support) along with the ever-passionate John, Caleb, AJ and Katie.

    For more information please visit www.millsmotorsport.com

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