• The SCCA held its 48th Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference last weekend in Melbourne. The meeting brings together delegates from all States and Territories of Australia with the exception of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) which advised the AGM that its Association was no longer active.

    2017.2018 OFFICE BEARERS
    President – Kathy Kelly (QLD)
    Executive Secretary – Mark Richards (NSW)
    Executive Officer – Ian Vale (VIC)
    National Chief Steward – Gary Winterbottom (NSW)
    National Technical Officer – Wayne Baines (NSW)

    Each year the State/Territory member clubs nominate a person for the annual Award of Excellence to be decided by the Conference delegates. This year’s award went to Terry Barry from Sprintcars South Australia. Mr Barry has given years of service to both his State Association and to the National Council through roles varying from administrator to official - his most significant contribution coming when he steered the South Australian Association to recovery from financial challenges some years ago.

    The SCCA competitor licence fee for 2017.2018 will remain as per the previous year. This was a significant decision as the delegates acknowledged the tough financial times that the members are facing in day to day life and the importance of easing any further financial burden to its licence holders.

    The SCCA delegates discussed the topic of race car seat cushioning at last year’s annual Conference and it was resolved to gather as much factual, relevant data regarding seat cushioning as possible over a twelve month period so that the delegates could be more adequately prepared for discussion at this year’s Conference. Mr Adam Fairbairn, a qualified compositor engineer based in Sydney, was invited to give a presentation at this year’s Conference. Mr Fairbairn indicated that his Company was an industry partner with BSCA – a company that specializes in developing innovative energy impact systems.

    Mr Fairbairn’s presentation and question time was most productive. Mr Fairbairn recommended that the SCCA contact a biomechanics engineer to be invited to assist in ensuring the correct seat cushion testing data.

    At the 2016 Annual SCCA Conference, Adelaide Motorsport Park was awarded hosting rights for the 2018 Australian 360 Sprintcar Championship. However, some months ago the management of the venue advised the National SCCA Executive that it was withdrawing from hosting the event. Fresh hosting rights applications were called and the managements of Perth Motorplex and Murray Bridge Speedway lodged formal applications. Mr Gavin Migro spoke to the delegates on behalf of the Perth Motorplex application. The management of Murray Bridge Speedway had sent a formal presentation which was displayed on screen and presented by President Kathy Kelly. Mr Darren Shaddock made himself available by phone communication.
    Following discussion and questioning, the delegates awarded the hosting rights to Perth Motorplex.

    Hosting rights for this prestigious event are allocated on a State by State rotation basis. It is Queensland’s turn in 2019 and the management of Archerfield Speedway, Brisabane, lodged a formal application to host the event. Mr John Kelly presented on behalf of the Archerfield management and following questioning, the delegates awarded the hosting rights to Archerfield Speedway, Brisbane..

    Boulder Speedway Association applied to host the 2019 Championship event at Kalgoorlie International Speedway. Mr Shaun Cubbage attended the Conference to present on behalf of Boulder Speedway Association and following question time, the delegates awarded the hosting rights to the Association.

    Several hours were devoted to discussion on the many Notices of Motion from the State and Territory Associations. Some of the significant decisions made by the delegates included:

    1 Any driver found guilty of three or more drug/alcohol breaches shall be banned for life.

    2 In any restart, any running sprintcar at the time of stoppage, one or more laps down will be credited one lap, placing them in the same running order prior to the stoppage. Lapped Sprintcars are to take their positions as per the last recorded lap in order of placing behind those Sprintcars on the current lap.

    3 Minimum clearance between the topside of roll cage (not padding) and the top of the driver’s helmet to be 55 mm, when driver is seated in race car and measured from a straight edge placed across left to right of the topside of roll cage to top of helmet. All cars must utilise the use of a minimum 25mm (1”) manufactured high density safety padding under the driver between the seat and the drivers body Cars failing to meet this specification must be fitted with a halo welded to roll cage at a minimum of six points as per side elevation view (refer diagram), two head nets - one head net to be fitted to the right side and one to be fitted to the left side of the roll cage and roll cage padding before being allowed to race unless utilising a full containment seat with headrest. If needed padding must be cut to allow measuring of head height clearance. In all circumstances drivers must still use the high density 25mm (1”) minimum safety padding. The use of polyester belts is highly recommended.

    4 360 class to be revised to allow LS1 and 305 engines. A working party will be formed to establish rules to formulate engine specifications before implementation.

    5 Allow one additional prefix to each SMC to be approved by SCCA.
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