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  • After 10 years at the helm of the Krikke Boys operation, Quit Bunbury Speedway Marketing/Promotions front man, Andrew Roberts, has decided it’s time to move on from his position.

    In what has been a surprise to most, Mr Roberts said he felt the time was right to make a move onto other things he wanted to do.
    “I’ve been in this position for 10 years and have learned so much in that time,” he said. “I will miss the job a little, but, there are other things I would like to do as well.”

    In the time he has been employed, he was tasked with an array of jobs to help get the venue back to its former glory days and it hasn’t come without a lot of hard work.

    With the venue going through a period of change in the last seven years, he was charged with installing community confidence into the venue as well as forming partnerships with local and national business brands, something he has achieved working with Ron and John Krikke.

    “Ron and John have been fantastic blokes to work with. They’re knowledge of the sport and drive to push it forward on a local and state level knows no boundaries and I have been so privileged to work along side them,” Mr Roberts stated.

    The list of achievements the group has made with Andrew Roberts at the helm is long and he explained that without the local supporters and fans the venue wouldn’t be where it is today.
    “I’ve helped put the venue where it is, for the loyal race fans to benefit from as well as local business,” he said. “The venue has certainly done its bit for the local community.”

    State and national titles, plus many other blue ribbon events have been held as well as gluing south west speedway together on a more closer path has been his main objective and one that has been achieved in his time at the venue.

    “As a sport, speedway is fast growing in popularity, my aim was to increase its awareness and economic benefit to the wider community,” he explained.

    The question on a few people’s lips is where to now for the man who has called speedway his life for the last decade and working at the venue for 25 years. His answer isn’t one of surety at this point:
    “I’m unsure at this stage as to what life holds. I have a few ideas on what I want to do and I’ll still continue with my commentating duties at the club operated tracks if they require me to do so, as I think it’s important to support them. I won’t disappear from the scene altogether, this sport is like a disease, once it’s it your blood you can’t get rid of it!”

    With the decision to move on, he is happy with his achievements he has helped make to the venue and the sport as a whole.
    “I think the track is in a really good place now and with the boys continuing to steer it, the sport will be better than ever in the future, it has a really good community feel about it,” he said.

    Ron and John Krikke will begin to look for a suitable replacement in the coming weeks as the season approaches for 17/18 and have said it’s business as usual for the venue and the sport.

    Mr Roberts said he wished all his colleagues the best and was happy to leave knowing that the venue was in good hands and the sport was in a sound position in the local area.
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