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  • Round one of the Avalon Raceway Track Series for Super Sedans will take place this Saturday night, with a strong field entered, which includes drivers from four states.

    Trent Wilson from Queensland, Dave Gartner from South Australia, along with Tasmanian drivers Corey Smith and Adam Beechey, will join the Victorians for the Avalon opener.

    Lucas Roberts, a five times Victorian State Champion is always hard to beat at Avalon, and will be joined by Ash Bergmeier, Dave Mackenzie and Ben Faulkhead, who will fly the flag for the home state.

    For South Australian Dave Gartner, he has raced twice since last seasons National Title, the New South Wales Title where he finished fifth, and to finish the season, Gartner competed in the Victorian Title where he finished second behind Peter Nicola.

    We have changed the car a lot so we want to do a few local shows before Christmas to test it out to see if we can get our head around the changes. We havent changed the set up for a few years, it was very reliable, but time has come to try some new things, said Gartner.

    Racing commences at Avalon at 7.00pm EDST


    V0 Lucas Roberts
    V5 Anthony Randall
    V7 Trent Susol
    S8 Dave Gartner
    T16 Corey Smith
    V16 Ash Bergmeier
    V17 Brad Wicks
    V24 Dave Mackenzie
    V25 Adam Box
    T41 Adam Beechey
    V41 Ben Faulkhead
    NQ44 Trent Wilson
    V56 Neil Witnish
    V71 Lionel West
    V93 Alan Stockdale

    Dave Gartner set for another big season. Photo courtesy of Linda Savage

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