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  • Street Stock return to Solo Hobart Speedway on Saturday night, with an excellent field entered, with several drivers returning for the first time this season.

    Competition has been very tough again this season, with Ben Riley reigning supreme last Saturday night at the Gulf Western and Independent Oils Raceway, Latrobe.

    Dale Riley Jnr has also tasted success this season and is one of nineteen entries , while Corey Bauld was unlucky not to win last Saturday night, leading for sixteen laps before blowing a gear box.

    Returning for this Saturday nights event will be Matthew Atkinson and Matt Hammond, both of whom are likely to figure prominently.

    Racing commences at 6.00pm EDST.


    T2 Jarrod Rogers
    T7 Corey Jetson
    T10 Matt Hammond
    T11 Aaron Bradley
    T18 Craig Weaver
    T19 Brian Morice
    T24 Ben Riley
    T26 Clinton Phillips
    T28 Dale Riley Jnr
    T35 Matthew Atkinson
    T39 Shaun Atkinson
    T41 Hayden Purdon
    T44 John Riley
    T46 Brendon Green
    T66 Nick Anderson
    T74 Jason Read
    T77 Corey Bauld
    T92 Steve Russell
    T110 Terry Hammond

    Dale Riley Jnr in action. Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography.

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