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  • The fourth round of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series, supported by Think Investment Realty, will be held this Saturday night, at the Carina Speedway, Bundaberg.

    It is a quick turn-around for the teams, who last Saturday night competed at Archerfield, and this Saturday night find themselves making the trip up the Sunshine Coast to Bundaberg for a very important round of the series.

    After an action packed third round, twenty drivers have entered for Saturday night, with Queensland and West Australian Champion, Matty Pascoe looking to win his third successive A Main after winning at Rockhampton and Archerfield.

    Pascoe along with Darren Kane and Sean Black had a great battle last Saturday night, with the duo also entered, with Kane looking to rebound after a mid-race crash ended his race.

    Matt Williams who finished on the podium in round two, and finished fourth last Saturday night is also entered, as is Justin Randall who drove an excellent race at Archerfield to finish second behind Pascoe.

    Tania Smith was extremely quick last Saturday night, setting the second quickest time of the night, but mechanical issues plagued Smith who eventually succumbed, failing to start the main event. Smith was also prominent in the opening round prior to the race being washed out, and should prove highly competitive on Saturday night.

    Racing commences at 6.00pm EST

    Official Nominations

    Q0 Justin Randall
    A1 Darren Kane
    Q1 Matty Pascoe
    BB2 Allan Nash
    L3 Tania Smith
    RK3 Matt Williams
    GL3 Graeme Elliott
    C6 Wayne Randall
    B10 Steve Jordan
    BB11 Ashley Peall
    Q15 Gavin Northfield
    M16 Sam Grundy
    C20 Nicholas OKeefe
    SSA24 Jack Childs
    RK31 Brendan Doyle
    Q32 Kyall Fisher
    RK39 Bob McCosker
    C56 David OKeefe
    B76 Ian Brims
    BB96 Josh McLaren

    Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series Sponsors

    Afco Shock Doctor
    B&J Car Sales
    Think Investment Realty
    Brims Concrete
    Barnes Drilling
    Queensland Speedway Spares
    Think Money
    Ian Boettcher Race Parts
    Tanias Ts
    Motorsports Promotions Racegear
    McCosker Contracting
    Ford Wreckers Redcliffe
    Speedway Sedans Australia

    Matty Pascoe in action last Saturday night.

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