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  • In what is no doubt a prelude to the upcoming National Title, more than 30 drivers have entered for Tuesday nights Street Stock event at Adelaide Motorsports Park.

    Defending Champion Rhys Heinrich heads the line-up, at the venue he will be hoping will be kind to him in less than two months, when he tries to replicate recent history by winning back to back titles like Anthony Beare and Robbie Faux.

    Heinrich has had a relatively quiet start to the season, with just one Feature win to his name this season, with the Boxing Night Stampede a good opportunity to change that.

    Anthony Beare is also in the large field with the three times Champion looking to add to his two feature successes this season.

    Mark Jennings returns to Adelaide Motorsports Park next Tuesday night for the first time since he had a clean sweep at the venue last season, with Jennings focusing on consistent results.

    The field also includes Queensland Champion, Darren Giacometti, Neville Nitchske, Craig Buchanan, Darren Flatman, Andy Maxwell Jnr, and Carey Weston, all of whom have won a Feature race this season.

    Add in Mark Gartner, Grant Harris, Jayden Edwards and Mick Clark to name a few, and a highly competitive night of racing is assured.
    Racing will commence at 6.00pm CDST

    As a side note, nominations for the National Title will open in just a few days.


    A1 Rhys Heinrich
    S6 Grant Harris
    S7 Craig Buchanan
    S8 Paul Hayes
    S9 Andrew Hardacre
    S11 James Jamieson
    V12 Darren Giacometti
    S12 Darren Flatty Flatman
    S17 Carey Weston
    S19 Phillip Watson/Zac Walters
    S21 Mark Jennings
    V22 Corey Sandow
    S22 Tony Prideaux
    S25 Darren Thorne
    S27 Cade Cox
    S31 Adrian Wright
    S36 Adrian Jones
    W38 Mark Gartner (SA)
    S43 Darren Pope
    S46 Anthony Beare
    V48 Mick Clark
    S55 Matt Maynard
    S58 Neville Nitschke
    S63 Cody Heinrich
    S66 Keenan Richards
    S86 Bailey Heinrich
    S87 Jayden Edwards
    S97 Jamie Stewart
    S99 John Drapala
    S116 Jarrod Hamilton
    S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr

    Mark Jennings is looking for a strong result next Tuesday night. Photo courtesy of Rock Solid Productions

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