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  • A great field has entered for the prestigious Duo Mobile Eliminator Cup at the Redline Raceway, Ballarat for Street Stock, with over forty drivers entered for Saturday nights event.

    The field includes former National Champions Anthony Beare and Brad McClure, who will renew acquaintances after their famous National Title finish at the same venue in 2016.

    The Eliminator final is a unique event which will have cars switch direction and drivers be eliminated at the end of segments. Each segment until the final portion, drivers race to avoid being eliminated from the race. You can not win the race in the first couple of segments, however you can be taken out of the race.

    The field is a strong one, in what is one of the lead up events to the upcoming National Title in Adelaide, with current South Australian Champion, Matt Nelson, Queensland Champion, Darren Giacometti joining Victorian Champion Anthony Beare in the field. Also in the field is last Friday nights Feature Race winner, Jason DeGoldi (Hamilton) along with Steven Watts, South Australian Jayden Edwards, Shaun Henry and Brooke Ferguson, ensuring a great night of racing.

    The first event is scheduled for 5.00pm EDST.


    V0 Mick Dann
    V4 Dean Jenkins
    V5 Steven Watts
    V6 Peter Bryant
    V11 Leigh Gooding
    V11 David Missen
    V12 Darren Giacometti
    V14 Robert Smith
    V14 Megan Forrest
    V18 Brooke Ferguson
    V18 Scott Secombe
    V19 Josh Davey
    V22 Lee Harrison
    V23 Phillip Mitchell
    V23 Shaun Henry
    V24 Brad McClure
    V25 Jamie Crutchley
    V27 Jason DeGoldi
    V35 Colin Forbes
    V37 Daryl Atkinson
    V41 Darren Forrest
    V41 Wayne Davey
    V42 Chris Whatmore
    V42 Chris Hay
    V43 Nathan Dunn
    V45 Jeff Oldfield
    S46 Anthony Beare
    V48 Mick Hetherington
    V48 Mick Clark
    V51 Jacob Kelly
    V52 Jacque Whatmore
    S55 Matt Maynard
    V57 Matthew Glab
    V61 Dale Blomeley
    V61 Matt Nelson
    S67 Corey Knox
    V69 Wayne Sheerman
    V74 Lenny Bates
    V77 Melissa Crutchley
    V81 Dylan Campton
    V83 David Barrie
    S87 Jayden Edwards
    V95 Ben Kelly

    Anthony Beare will be looking for a good result on Saturday night. Photo courtesy of Snapperific Photography

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