• The tenth round of the Ian Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series supported by Queensland Speedway Spares, will be held this Saturday night at Mothar Mountain Speedway, Gympie.

    The overwhelming favourite would have to be Matty Pascoe, who heads the line-up after winning six successive main events.

    The last time the drivers went to the Mountain, Steve Jordan and Wayne Randall finished in the top six, and it would be the last time Matty Pascoe did not win a main event, after a power steering hose blew, while Pascoe led the race.

    Pascoe has a massive 668 point lead in the series, but behind him it is a different situation, with very little separating Justin Randall, Wayne Randall and Ian Brims, with the three separated by just 35 points. Bob McCosker and Sean Black are separated by one point respectively in sixth and seven place, and with Darren Kane (fifth) not entered for this round, both drivers will be elevated into the top six, and will be hoping to close the gap on both Randalls and McCosker.

    The question still remains, who will bring Matty Pascoes extraordinary run to an end, or will it continue for another week.

    Racing commences at 4.30pm with events scheduled also for Junior Sedans, Street Stock, Production Sedans, National 4s and Modified Sedans.


    SSA0 Justin Randall
    Q1 Matty Pascoe
    BB2 Tim Atken
    RK3 Matthew Williams
    C6 Wayne Randall
    G6 Tim Oshea
    C20 Nicholas Okeefe
    SSA22 Dale Christensen
    SSA24 Jack Childs
    SSA26 Sean Black
    Q32 Kyall Fisher
    GL39 Bob McCosker
    C56 David Okeefe
    SSA76 Ian Brims
    C77 Sam Roza


    1. Matty Pascoe 2627
    2. Justin Randall 1959
    3. Wayne Randall 1931
    4. Ian Brims 1924
    5. Darren Kane 1870
    6. Bob McCosker 1854
    7. Sean Black 1853
    8. Kyall Fisher 1746
    9. Gavin Northfield 1565
    10. Steve Jordan 1503

    Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series Sponsors

    Afco Shock Doctor
    B&J Car Sales
    Think Investment Realty
    Brims Concrete
    Barnes Drilling
    Queensland Speedway Spares
    Think Money
    Ian Boettcher Race Parts
    Tanias Ts
    Motorsports Promotions Racegear
    McCosker Contracting
    Ford Wreckers Redcliffe
    Speedway Sedans Australia

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