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  • A field of seventy eight has entered for this Friday and Saturday nights, South Australian Street Stock Title, at the Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge.

    Just six days after the extraordinary finish to the National Title at Adelaide Motorsport Park, a good portion of the interstate visitors have remained on, to compete at the 360 metre Murray Bridge venue.

    National Champion, Anthony Beare will be looking to win his ninth South Australian Title, having won four of the last five, with defending Champion, Matt Nelson stopping Beare from making it five successive titles. Two of Beares previous eight victories have come at the Murray Bridge venue.

    Former National Champions, Brad McClure, Mark Jennings and Rhys Heinrich are in the field, with Heinrich finishing second to Nelson in last years State Title. Many pundits would like to see Heinrich and Beare battle again over the course of the weekend, after their brilliant duel in the National Final on Saturday night.

    Corey Sandow and Carey Weston who finished second and third respectively in the National Final are also in the line-up, with eighteen of the twenty finalists in last Saturday nights final entered for the State Title.

    Apart from Nelson and Beare, the field also includes former State Champions Mark Jennings, Steven Heinrich, Mick Dann and Brad McClure

    S2 Anthony Buchanan
    ACT3 Colin Peadon
    NT5 Sam Brumfield
    S7 Craig Buchanan
    S8 Paul Hayes
    S9 Andrew Hardacre
    T10 Matt Hammond
    N11 Daniel Drewett
    S12 Kooper Greig
    S14 Nigel Reichstein
    S15 Cheyanne Richter-Uren
    W16 Jack Barnewall
    S17 Carey Weston
    S18 Jason Duell
    S19 Phillip Watson
    S21 Mark Jennings
    S22 Tony Prideaux
    S23 Ben Whitehead
    V24 Brad McClure
    S27 Cade Cox
    V29 Chris Stewart
    V32 Darren Giacometti
    V33 Shaun Henry
    W34 Ethan Genev
    T35 Matthew Atkinson
    S36 Adrian Jones
    V37 Darryl Atkinson
    W38 Mark Gartner
    V43 Michael Clark
    S46 Anthony Beare
    V47 Jason Faux
    S48 Rhys Heinrich
    W49 Peter Herbert
    W51 Cody Avins
    N53 Kasey Staker
    V54 Morris Ahearn
    S55 Matt Maynard
    W56 Jace Kempton
    S57 Patrick Monaghan
    S58 Neville Nitschke
    S59 Hayden Jolly
    V61 Matt Nelson
    S62 Trae Ballantyne
    S63 Steve Heinrich
    Q64 John Stoward
    S66 Keenan Richards
    V68 Dale Blomeley
    S69 Matthew Seidl
    V74 Lenny Bates
    S75 Cameron Monaghan
    W76 Hayden Norman
    Q78 Travis Hutchison
    V79 Wade Fell
    V81 Dylan Campton
    V82 Jayden Blomeley
    W85 Peter Dowie
    S86 Bailey Heinrich
    S87 Jayden Edwards
    Q88 Nathan Barbeler
    W89 Marty Kelly
    V94 Dean Jenkins
    S97 Jamie Stewart
    NT98 Corey Greening
    Q99 Peter Thompson
    W101 Damon Thomson
    W104 Donna Vanzetti
    V102 Mick Dann
    V112 Leigh Gooding
    V114 Megan Forrest
    V122 Corey Sandow
    W125 Craig Clayton
    V127 Jason DeGoldi
    S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr
    V141 Darren Forrest
    NT143 Simon Spitzbarth
    V157 Matthew Glab
    NT164 James Dennis
    V183 Brooke Ferguson
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