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  • The class field of 'who's who combatants is descending on Valvoline Raceway for this massive two night affair on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 for the Australian Super Sedan Championship.

    Former champions abound as do first title-win contenders.

    Can anyone stop Darren Kane from a previously unheard of achievement?

    If he wins he'll be a back to back Australian Super Sedan Champion at the same time as an Australian Late Model Champion.

    Surely that's never happened before!

    A1 Darren Kane
    V2 Peter Nicola
    Q3 Matthew Williams
    V3 Michael Nicola
    Q4 Leigh Williams
    V5 Anthony Randall
    Q6 Wayne Randall
    N7 Wayne Dick
    Q7 Grant Shaw
    SA8 Dave Gartner
    T8 Steven Latham
    N10 Craig Davis
    Q10 Steve Jordan
    N14 Mark Towers
    Q15 Matty Pascoe
    Q15 Gavin Northfield
    T16 Corey Smith
    V16 Ash Bergmeier
    N17 Lachlan Onley
    V17 Brad Wicks
    N21 Darren Anning
    Q22 Dale Christensen
    T22 Callum Harper
    N23 Andrew White
    V23 Mick Jnr Nicola
    Q24 Jack Childs
    V24 David Mackenzie
    Q26 Sean Black
    Q32 Kyall Fisher
    N33 Barry Towers
    W36 Philip Barton
    Q39 Robert McCosker
    N47 Daryl Moon
    Q47 Barry Craft
    S47 Ryan Alexander
    Q56 David O'Keeffe
    N57 Paul Kranitis
    Q71 Shayne Lau
    Q76 Ian Brims
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