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  • Twenty six drivers have entered for this Friday nights Street Stock Blue Lake Classic to be held at the Bordeline Speedway, Mt Gambier.

    National Champion, Anthony Beare, who has won this event multiple times, heads the strong line-up with will see drivers from Victoria and the Northern Territory also compete.

    Beare won the Mallee Masters last Saturday night, as a late entry, winning the main event after starting all of the heats from the back of the field.

    With the National Title, now less than three months away, many big names are now entering events week in week out, in preparation for what may well be the largest field ever assembled.

    Justin Brumfield from the Northern Territory will join former National Champions, Mark Jennings and Brad McClure along with Steven Watts, Jayden Edwards, Steve Gartner and veteran Carey Weston.

    NT5 Justin Brumfield
    V5 Steve Watts
    S8 Paul Hayes
    V12 Darren Giacometti
    V13 Benny Barker
    V14 Jared Wilkinson
    S17 Carey Weston
    S18 Jason Duell
    V21 Donald Irving
    S21 Mark Jennings
    V24 Brad McLure
    V27 Jason DeGoldi
    S32 Steve Gartner
    V39 Gerard Mabbitt
    V42 Chris Whatmore
    S46 Anthony Beare
    V48 Michael Clarke
    S59 Hayden Jolly
    V62 Timothy Humby
    V68 Kayla Knox
    V81 Dylan Campton
    V83 Dave Barrie
    V83 Scott Mason
    S87 Jayden Edwards
    V88 Tim Hutchinson
    S117 Jeremy Weston

    Photo courtesy of Stephen Pickering
    Photo: Mark Jennings winning earlier this season at Mt Gambier
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