• The highly anticipated qualifying night split for the 47th South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic has now been released, with two action packed nights of competition expected on both Friday January 18 and Saturday January 19 as all drivers and teams strive to be a part of the final night of competition on Sunday January 20, 2019.

    With 51 cars drawn to qualify on each night, it is anticipated that the top 48 in each qualifying group will make the 12-car heat inversion. with the remaining three each night to start at the tail of the heat races. Sunday’s final night will see the top 48 in points from each qualifying night advance as part of the 96-car field for the final round of heats and the all-important Mains.

    The lists of competitors for each night are as follows:

    Night One, Friday January 18, 2019:

    D2 Ben Atkinson
    V2 Domain Ramsay
    V5 Max Dumesny
    VA6 Tim Kaeding
    T7 Tim Hutchins
    V8 Bobby Daly
    N10 Luke Stirton
    USA12 Parker Price-Miller
    V12 Kristy Ellis
    S13 Brock Hallett
    N16 Daniel Sayre
    W17 James McFadden
    S19 Brad Keller
    VA19 Daniel Newnham
    S20 Glen Sutherland
    NS21 Jordyn Brazier
    T22 Jock Goodyer
    Q23 Lachlan McHugh
    T25 Jamie Bricknell
    V25 Jack Lee
    W26 Corey Eliason
    V28 Andrew Hughes
    VA29 Jayden Peacock
    V34 Brenten Farrer
    V35 Jamie Veal
    N36 Eddie Lumbar
    S37 Terry Kelly
    N40 Chris McInerney
    V40 Rusty Hickman
    S44 Daniel Evans
    N49 Ian Madsen
    V50 Darren Clarke
    VA51 Robert Nicholas
    V52 Darren Mollenoyux
    N53 Jessie Attard
    V53 Andrew Thompson
    N57 Matthew Dumesny
    S63 Ryan Jones
    V64 David Aldersley
    V67 Luke Walker
    S72 Chad Ely
    V72 Jake Smith
    V73 Charles Hunter
    V78 Chris Campbell
    V81 Robbie Paton
    VA81 Rhys Baxter
    N83 Peter O'Neill
    Q83 Steven Lines
    V88 David Murcott
    VA88 Grant Stansfield
    V89 Jamie Heyan

    Night Two, Saturday January 19, 2019:

    W2 Kerry Madsen
    D3 Ben Atkinson Jnr
    NS4 Max Johnston
    S4 Lisa Walker
    NT5 Danny Reidy
    Q7 Robbie Farr
    V7 Paul Solomon
    W14 Jason Pryde
    N15 Matthew Thomas
    S15 Aidan Hall
    V17 Dennis Jones
    NT22 Leigh Barry-Mugavin
    V22 Terry Rankin
    W22 Brodie Minchin
    NT24 Jamie O'Neill
    S24 Ricky Maiolo
    NS27 Kyle Angel
    S27 Daniel Pestka
    V32 Stephen Spark
    V37 Grant Anderson
    V42 Jye O'Keeffe
    N43 Alex Orr
    V44 Tim Van Ginneken
    V45 Mike Van Bremen
    N47 Marcus Dumesny
    N48 Jackson Delamont
    Q54 Randy Morgan
    V55 Brooke Tatnell
    N56 Mick Saller
    V56 James Aranyosi
    V58 Rhiannon Burleigh
    Q59 Kevin Titman
    V60 Jordyn Charge
    T62 Tate Frost
    N65 Brendan Rallings
    V68 Brett Milburn
    V70 John Vogels
    USA71 Gio Scelzi
    V77 Brayden Parr
    N78 Andrew Wright
    S78 Keke Falland
    W80 James Inglis
    S81 Luke Dillon
    V90 Corey McCullagh
    N92 Sammy Walsh
    VA92 Rob Trewartha
    S96 Brendan Guerin
    S97 Matt Egel
    W97 Mitch Wormall
    V98 Peter Doukas
    N99 Carson Macedo

    The 2019 South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic is proudly supported by KRE Race Engines, GJ Gardner Homes, The Lady Bay Resort, KFC and Performance Racegear.

    The Best Presented Car and Crew of the Classic will receive $2,500.00 with thanks to R & M Security and The Premier Speedway Maintenance Committee,

    The Keyboard Racer Hard Charger in the A-Main on Sunday Night will receive a Free Sprintcar Design and Wrap.

    Thomo’s Race Graphix will present the Hard Luck Award.

    The fastest qualifier on each night will receive $1000.00 with the Overall fastest qualifier to be named as the recipient of the Alan Pollard Memorial Award.

    The Ian Sheppard award for the Highest Point Scorer over the President’s Cup, King’s Challenge and South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic will also receive $1000.00.

    End Release.
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