• Six racing categories ranging from the awesome V8 Super Sedans to the open wheeled Formula 500’s will take to the track this Saturday night at the Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway. In all over 70 competitors have nominated to compete with some of the best drivers from across the State leading the entry lists for their respective classes.

    After a short break the Super Sedans return to Murray Bridge with Paul Blenkiron looking for his second consecutive feature event after his recent win at the Whyalla Speedway. Kym Jury will be another driver to watch, as he has at MMS feature win to his credit this season, along with Jason Gantz, veteran Robbie Marchant, Whyalla’s Michael Brown and Steve Schwartz.

    For the first time this season Car Owners Rob Stevens and Jenny Lemar will have three cars on track with Mick Brougham, Adrian Wright and Robert Uren all nominated.

    Despite the Australian Title fast approaching a good field of Street Stocks will be on hand and they will all be chasing Nigel Reichstein, who is having a tremendous season. Carey Weston looks most likely to challenge along with Ben Whitehead, Corey Sandow, Darren Flatman and Phil Watson.

    In the final of the Sedan categories, the Junior Sedans, Drew Flatman will enter the event full of confidence after his win last Saturday night at Waikerie although he was challenged by Sharni Pitcher. You can also expect to see Aaron Tranter and Chelsea Gwynne up towards the front in the 14-car field.

    A field of 9 Modlites will be in action with Brook Alexander being the inform driver having secured the last two feature events state wide with victory at MMS prior to his win last weekend at Waikerie. Several leading drivers will make a return to class including Danny Prade, who missed last weekend while Graham Knuckey was a scratching from the last Murray Bridge event. Brian Chadwick, Michael Cowland and Justin Chadwick should also contend for the win in the fastest to rear A-Main.

    Following their State Title, the AMCA Nationals make a return with a strong line-up of local cars including Jake Armstrong, Jason Robinson, Kelsey Allen and Lachlan Gwynne while the Formula 500’s will provide some “winged” open wheeled action with close to a dozen cars including Lockie Cates, Ross Miller, Dean Cottrell, Corey Jones and Brendan Zadow.

    Event Details: Sportsman Night – February 23, 2019 –Super Sedans, Formula 500’s, Junior Sedans, Street Stocks, Modlites, AMCA Nationals

    Gates open 3pm - On-track action from 5pm
    Tickets at the gate or online from www.speedwaytickets.com.au

    S14 Nigel Reichstein
    S15 Cheyanne Richter Uren
    S17 Carey Weston
    S22 Darren Flatman
    MDA22 Corey Sandow
    S23 Ben Whitehead
    S42 Jamie Owens
    MDA44 Shaun McClure
    S51 Zac Walters
    S52 Heath Thorne
    S57 Jemma/Dusty Chapman
    S62 Phil Watson
    S101 Ashlee McEwin
    S116 Brian Brown

    S22 Paul Blenkiron
    S43 Jason Gantz
    S44 Robert Uren
    S52 Michael Brown
    S55 Mick Brougham
    S63 Kym Cottrell
    S66 Adrian Wright
    S87 Robbie Marchant
    S93 Kym Jury
    S99 Steve Schwarz

    MODLITES - 9
    S0 Brook Alexander
    S5 Graham Knuckey
    S8 Michael Cowland
    S9 Patrick Hewitt
    S18 Danny Prade
    S41 Brian Chadwick
    S45 Chris Ferguson
    S73 Justin Chadwick
    S85 Nathan Launer

    FOMULA 500S - 11
    S6 Joe Mercorrella
    S7 Chris Pinchbeck
    S11 Nathan O’Shea
    S17 Lockie Cates
    S21 Richard Schmidt
    S24 Ross Miller
    S35 Cruise Pengilly
    S39 Dean Cottrell
    S72 Corey Jones
    S73 Brendan Zadow
    S85 Austin McDonald

    AMCAS - 9
    S2 Michael Qualmann
    S3 Jason Sloper
    S14 Jake Armstrong
    S23 Jason Robinson
    S24 Lachie Gwynne
    S25 Alan Saint
    V25 Jamie Nichols
    S42 John Stumann
    S75 Kelsey Allen

    S3 Ky McEwin
    S4 Thomas Richter
    S11 Ryan Buchanan
    S12 Max Richter
    S16 Corey Richter
    S24 Chelsea Gwynne
    S26 Blake Laan
    S45 Aaron Tranter
    S55 Sharni Pitcher
    S58 Nate Trewin
    S61 Callum Crossing
    S62 Damon Laan
    S89 Lindal Gilding
    S112 Drew Flatman
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