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  • A very impressive line up of SSA Street Stocks have entered for one of the most unique events in the country, the Duo Mobile Eliminator Cup to be held this Saturday Night at the very popular Redline Raceway just outside of Ballarat in Victoria.

    National Champion Anthony Beare heads the nomination list and will be looking to bounce back after a disappointing end to the WA Title last weekend.

    Jason Degoldi won the last A Main held at the Redline Raceway aboard his Ford Falcon and should be tough to beat along with South Australian Champion Steve Gartner.

    Multiple National Champion Brad McClure, the always consistent Shaun Henry and recent winner in Kingaroy Jayden Blomeley are ready to get the elbows out this weekend.

    The Format For the Event

    -Heats x 3 per driver 10 laps each, B Main 12 Laps, A Main 35 Laps, Top 18 Qualify Automatically with 6 transferring from the B Main.

    -After 10 Laps, Positions 17-24 Eliminated, Direction Change
    -After 20 Laps, Positions 9-16 Eliminated, Direction Change
    -Top 8, 15 Lap Dash to the Flag

    Double Row Restarts on Direction Change!

    If your in the area, get yourself trackside for what promises to be a bumper of a show.

    Nominations (36)

    RDL4 Dean Jenkins
    RD11 Leigh Gooding
    L11 Karen Ferguson
    RDL13 Andrew Burgoyne
    B13 Michael Smith
    B14 Robert Smith
    HA 14. Megan Cheeseman
    RDL17 Michael Sefton
    B18 Jayden Blomeley
    RDL18 Scott Secombe
    RDL21 Ellen Hampson
    DS21 Nick Hill
    B23 Shaun Henry
    RDL24 Brad McClure
    W25 Jamie Crutchley
    RDL27 Jason Degoldi
    SA32 Steve Gartner
    AX36 Greg Parks
    N36 Bradley Hill
    RDL38 Scott Purdie
    B42 Chris Whatmore
    W42 Chris Hay
    AV43 Stephen Petrie
    SA46 Anthony Beare
    RDL49 Shaun Jenkins
    B52 Jacquie Whatmore
    RD55 AJ Lawrence
    B55 Aaron White
    RDL57 Matt Glab
    AX58 Kevin Brogmus
    B61 Dale Blomeley
    L64 Dylan Wilkinson
    W77 Melissa Crutchley
    SA87 Jayden Edwards
    RDL88 Tim Hutchinson
    AX89. Andrew Jordan
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