• It may not be the biggest field, but the fifth round of the Super Sedan Summer Series promises to be a beauty with both Gary and Dustin Higgs returning to racing at the Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

    Gary has been racing up and down the East Coast since November, in what initially was a brand new car, with instant success, finishing on the podium. Subsequent events would lead to heat race wins, as one of Western Australia’s best known Super Sedan drivers came to grips with the new car.

    The most recent trip to Tasmania also showed that the car had plenty of car speed, as Higgs battled with the best drivers in Australia at the Super Sedan Grand Prix. Unfortunately a week later at the Grand National, contact sent Higgs into a spectacular rollover, which ended the East Coast campaign, with the car needing plenty of attention, with the decision made to return the car back to Perth for repairs.

    Upon inspection, the car wasn’t significantly damaged and has been repaired, with its first event since the crash being Saturday night at Bunbury. The car will then be transported back to Mt Gambier for the National Title.

    For Dustin Higgs, it will have been 1041 days since he last competed in a Super Sedan, and he is looking forward to the challenge as he pilots Adrian Geary’s car in his absence. The car is not foreign to Dustin, as it is his old car.

    Higgs won five feature races in that season (2017), with the National Super Sedan Title at Albany his last drive, before his much publicised health issues. Dustin’s inclusion into the field is a significant one, and is sure to assist with some great racing which is expected.

    “I will even drag out the old Superman suit for the occasion”, Dustin joked.

    The Father and Son combination will race each other in the third and final heat of the night.

    Drivers will contest two heats each of the three allocated as support for World Series Sprintcars, with the first event scheduled for 6.00pm.

    1. W1 Chris Pavlovich 549
    2. W5 Kevin Bell 534
    3. W96 Stephen Larson 358
    4. W38 Adrian Geary 317
    5. W7 Zac Minshull 281
    6. W98 Adyme Harvey 275
    7. W10 Kyle Larson 275
    8. W53 Ryan Gunson 234
    9. W77 Warren Minshull 211
    10. W55 Nathan Bell 175

    W1 Chris Pavlovich
    W5 Kevin Bell
    W10 Kyle Larson
    W16 Damo Wallinger
    W38 Dustin Higgs
    W43 Craig Gilbert
    W55 Nathan Bell
    W68 Rob Knox
    W71 Adam Campbell
    W81 Gary Higgs
    W96 Stephen Larson
    W99 Kemble Aylett

    Gary Higgs is proudly supported by:
    Marri Park Tavern & Golf Course
    Higgs Organic Blends
    Ford Transit Specialists WA
    Empire Graphics

    Photo: Adrian Geary’s Super Sedan to be piloted by Dustin Higgs
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