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  • Adam Beechey has taken out Round 6 of the Pedders Suspension & Brakes Tasmanian Super Sedan Series at Latrobe last night. Beechey started the main event from pole position after taking out a first and a second in his heat races.

    Laura Davidson and Tasmanian Champion David Nichols werei also victorious in heat race action. Nichols would join Beechey on the front row after claiming a 3rd place finish in his other heat race.

    Beechey would win the initial start and build a handy lead. Nichols slipped back early in the race to 4th, after being passed by Marcus Alexander who had one of his best nights in a Super Sedan, and Laura Davidson.

    Alexander and Davidson came together which would see Davidson sent to the rear of the field, elevating Nichols to 3rd.

    Beechey again stormed off into the distance and would never be headed taking out a commanding 5 second victory. Nichols would drive round around the outside of Alexander to take out 2nd. Robbie Bird was able to get by Alexander for 3rd and take out his first podium of the season, Alexander would hold on for 4th, with Wayne Dillon founding out the top 5!

    Beechey now holds a 78 points lead with two rounds to run!

    Official Result

    A Main, 25 laps 1. T41 Adam Beechey, 2. T3 David Nichols, 3. T71 Robbie Bird, 4. T4 Marcus Alexander, 5. T48 Wayne Dillon, 6. T29 Tim Johnson, 7. T38 Jayden Triffet, 8. T7 Nathan Howells, 9. T18 Dwaine Sonners, 10. T75 Brendan Flynn, 11. T19 Brett Dawkins, DNF T61 Laura Davidson

    Pedders Suspension & Brakes Tasmanian Super Sedan Series after 6 rounds.

    1st Adam Beechey 679
    2nd Steve Latham 601
    3rd David Nichols 514
    = 4th Robbie Bird 260
    = 4th Marcus Alexander 260
    6th Nathan Howells 243
    7th Laura Davidson 240
    8th Gil Aylett 237
    9th Wayne Dillon 226
    10th Leon Cleary 224
    11th Dwaine Sonners 193
    12th Corey Smith 163
    13th Tim Johnson 134
    14th Brett Dawkins 124
    15th Jayden Triffet 94
    16th Callum Harper 66
    17th Lucas Dillon 55
    18th Brendan Flynn 48
    19th Andrew Poke 34

    A big thank you to all of our Sponsors
    Pedders Suspension & Brakes
    Taswood Joinery
    Sunrise Trailers
    DG Nichols Builders
    Master Trailers And Radiators
    Speedway Sedans Australia
    Speedway Sedans Tasmania

    Photo by Angryman Photography, Article Courtesy of Super Sedans Tasmania
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