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  • An entry list of nearly 50 Sprintcars for the third and final night of the 2021 Easter Sprintcar Trail at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool points toward an exciting three nights of racing, with healthy numbers across the support divisions of each track and the traditional Fireworks displays, meaning that tickets will be at a premium at each of the three venues.

    With $5,000 up for grabs for each of the A-Main’s and a $3,000 Bonus on offer to the Highest Points Scorer across the weekend, one has to only scan through the entry list to see the Overall Points battle will be hotly contested!

    It seems like an age ago that Jamie Veal clean swept all three nights of the 2019 Easter Sprintcar Trail, however it seems there are a number of contenders aiming to claim his Easter Trail Crown!

    With the A1 in the field, the likes of last start feature winner Darren Mollenoyux, David Murcott, Marcus Dumesny, Jock Goodyer, Grant Anderson, Brock Hallett, Daniel Pestka and Brett Milburn have locked in for all three nights of competition, going in search of the Overall Easter Trail Bonus!

    The ever-popular Super Rods are back for the Max Dumesny Motorsport Super Rod Easter Trail, with competition to take place at all three venues across the Easter weekend!

    Tickets for all three nights are still available and it is advised that you pre-book your tickets to avoid disappointment.

    Tickets can be purchased from the following:

    • Avalon Raceway (Good Friday, April 2) – Tickets on sale via www.avalonraceway.com.au

    • Borderline Speedway, Mr. Gambier (Easter Saturday, April 3) - Tickets on sale via www.borderlinespeedway.com.au

    • Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool (Sunday April 4) –Tickets on sale via www.premierspeedway.com.au
    Click on the Buy Tickets Icon at the top of the Home Page (turn your phone or tablet sideways for better access).

    Sprintcar Entries (Entered for all venues unless stated):

    A1 Jamie Veal
    V2 Domain Ramsay (Avalon)
    V3 Darren Mollenoyux
    D7 Matthew Reed (Premier)
    V8 Bobby Daly
    S11 Scott Enderl
    VA11 Phil Micallef
    V12 Kristy Ellis
    S13 Brock Hallett
    S16 Joel Heinrich (Borderline & Premier)
    V17 Dennis Jones
    V18 Sam Millar (Avalon & Premier)
    V19 Sam Wren (Premier)
    S20 Glen Sutherland
    V20 Brayden Cooley (Borderline & Premier)
    T22 Jock Goodyer
    VA22 Leigh Mugavin (Premier)
    S27 Daniel Pestka
    V27 Ross Jarred (Avalon & Premier)
    V28 Andrew Hughes
    V29 Michael Tancredi (Avalon & Premier)
    V32 Stephen Spark
    N36 Eddie Lumbar (Avalon & Premier)
    V36 Daniel Reinhardt
    S37 Terry Kelly (Avalon)
    V37 Grant Anderson
    VA37 Darryl Atkinson
    VA38 Stephen McIntyre (Avalon & Premier)
    N47 Marcus Dumesny
    V48 Adam King (Borderline & Premier)
    VA49 Shaun Lyness (Premier)
    VA50 Jesse Nicholas
    N53 Jessie Attard
    V57 Troy Hose
    V60 Jordyn Charge
    T62 Tate Frost
    S63 Ryan Jones (Borderline & Premier)
    V63 Kevin Reeves (Avalon & Premier)
    V64 David Aldersley (Avalon & Premier)
    V68 Brett Milburn
    S70 Max Vidau (Borderline & Premier)
    V71 Marcus Green
    V72 Jake Smith (Avalon & Premier)
    V75 Mitch Smith (Avalon & Premier)
    VA75 David Donegan
    VA88 Grant Stansfield
    V92 Matthew Reed (Avalon)
    V93 Travis Millar (Avalon & Premier)
    V96 Andy Caruana
    S97 David Murcott
    V98 Peter Doukas

    Max Dumesny Motorsport Super Rod Easter Trail Entries:

    W5 Paul Verhoeven
    M7 Warwick Taylor
    W8 Jamie May
    AV10 Allan Pitcher
    HA15 Dane Court
    HA23 Billy Grist
    AV26 Jacob Pitcher
    S31 Rod Smith
    B39 Gerrard Mabbitt
    L56 Neville Gange
    S59 Michael Coad
    S66 George Woolstencroft
    AV67 Tommy Marco
    GV69 Steve Robertson
    AV75 Raedyn Marco
    AV77 Stan Marco Jnr
    W88 Howard Stansfield
    S97 Daniel Mills
    W98 Ewan McKenzie

    Late Model Entries (For Premier Speedway April 4, 2021):

    V2 Peter Nicola
    N6 Bruce Mackenzie
    S10 Brad Gartner
    V12 Brock Edwards
    T15 Tim Pyke
    N17 Lachlan Onley
    N19 Todd Bayley
    AX21 Chevy Edwards
    T22 Callum Harper
    V32 Wayne Belk
    V71 Domain Ramsay
    N99 Ben Nicastri
    S110 Jason Robertson

    End Release.
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