• In front of an enormous crowd Luke Oldfield scored victory in the 25-lap preliminary A-Main at Archerfield Speedway for Night One of the Titan Garages and Sheds 2022 Australian Sprintcar Championship.

    Oldfield battled it out with defending champion Jamie Veal for much of the feature race and later admitted he wasn’t sure that the end result was necessarily a good situation.

    “I’m not sure it’s a good thing to win the preliminary main event on the first night of an Australian title but we’ll take it,” he smiled, “at least we know we have pace. I know it doesn’t mean much to win tonight but we’ve got a fast car and now we can focus on what we have to do tomorrow. It’s great to see such a fantastic crowd here tonight and I hope I’m standing in the same spot tomorrow.”

    Jamie Veal took the lead from Oldfield with twelve laps to go but with only a handful remaining the Queenslander retook the Australian champ and maintained a narrow advantage until the chequers flew.

    The spotlight was on hard charging Tasmanian Jock Goodyer who ripped the T22 to a spectacular third place and almost passed Veal in the final fifty metres.

    Lockie McHugh placed fourth ahead of a rapidly moving Marcus Dumesny who had come from the seventh row of the grid to wind up fifth ahead of Aaron Kelly in sixth, Matt Dumesny seventh, Ian Madsen eighth, Steven Lines ninth and Dave Fanning rounding out the ten.

    Tasmanian Tate Frost narrowly avoided (but not completely) the flipping Brent Kratzmann but sustained some top wing damage and came home eleventh on debut with Ryan Newton twelfth, Brock Hallett thirteenth, Luke Stirton fourteenth, Daniel Pestka fifteenth and Nicholas Whell sixteenth.

    DNF’s were Jessie Attard and Brent Kratzmann who flipped in separate incidents.

    Despite finishing fourth in the A-Main Lockie McHugh amassed enough points with his two heat wins and quick time in his flight to lead the points heading into the final night.

    Quick Times in their respective Heat Groups for qualifying were:

    Aaron Kelly 12.092

    Luke Oldfield 12.105

    Jordyn Brazier 12.183

    Lockie McHugh 12.183

    Heat race winners included:

    H1 Taylor Prosser

    H2 Luke Stirton

    H3 Lockie McHugh

    H4 Brent Kratzmann

    H5 Luke Oldfield

    H6 Jamie Veal

    H7 Lockie McHugh

    H8 Ian Madsen

    Last Chance Preliminary Main event qualifier results:

    1. Tate Frost

    2. Ryan Newton

    3. Dave Fanning

    4. Daniel Pestka

    5. Jordyn Brazier

    6. Kevin Titman

    7. Robbie Farr

    8. Richard Morgan

    9. Matt Egel

    10. Jamie Bricknell

    11. Darren Jensen

    12. Bryan Mann

    13. Randy Morgan

    14. Taylor Prosser

    15. Kristy Bonsey

    16. Peter Doukas (DNF)


    Lockie McHugh 93

    Luke Oldfield 89

    Jamie Veal 85

    Jock Goodyer 83

    Ian Madsen 81

    Aaron Kelly 77

    Matthew Dumesny 73

    Marcus Dumesny 69

    Steven Lines 69

    Brock Hallett 63

    Tate Frost 63

    Ryan Newton 62

    Jessie Attard 62

    Luke Stirton 61

    Nicholas Whell 60

    Dave Fanning 60

    Brent Kratzmann 60

    Daniel Pestka 59

    Jordyn Brazier 50

    Kevin Titman 46

    Robbie Farr 44

    Richard Morgan 42

    Peter Doukas 40

    Taylor Prosser 40

    Matt Egel 39

    Darren Jensen 39

    Randy Morgan 37

    Bryan Mann 36

    Jamie Bricknell 35

    Kristy Bonsey 30

    Tim Farrell 27

    Mark Pholi 25

    Karl Hoffmans 21

    Adrian Redpath 21

    Chris McInerney 20

    Will Carroll 17

    Trent Vardy 16

    Mitch Gowland 16

    Jason King 15

    Libby Ellis 14

    Andrew Baumber 13

    Brenton Farrer 12

    James Matthews 12

    Adam Butler 12

    Luke Thomas 8

    Jy Corbet 0

    The final night of the Titan Garages and Sheds 59th SCCA Australian Sprintcar Championship is scheduled for Sunday night, May 1.

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