Official release: Sprintcar Control Council of Australia
    June 23, 2022

    The annual SCCA (Sprintcar Control Council of Australia) AGM has once again brought administrators of the sport together and built confidence in a strong future direction.

    Representatives from all states and Northern Territory were in attendance to discuss and vote on rule changes, elections, issues facing the sport and all things financial.

    Queensland’s Kathy Kelly was re-elected as President for another two-year term. With his position not up for election this year, Mark Richards maintains his role as Executive Secretary for another 12 months, whilst Brad Hilder also retained his position as National Technical Officer.

    In other key-role developments the long-serving Gary Winterbottom confirmed his retirement from the position of National Chief Steward but will remain within the SCCA this time to replace Clem Hoffmans as Executive Officer.

    Sydney’s Wayne Baines was elected to now fill the role of Chief Steward vacated by Winterbottom.

    The SCCA executive confirmed that the return of racing in the wake of COVID has seen an increase in licenses and registrations by around 100 and work continues to be undertaken to enhance the online licensing system.

    Pleasing news for teams is that Licence and car registration fees will both remain unchanged at $165 (inc GST) for the next two seasons (2022/23 and 2023/24)

    Another positive development is the increase in state grants from 25% to 30%, with the SCCA also committed to supporting World Series Sprintcars through the supply of a Chief Steward for every round if the championship comes back on stream in 2022/2023.

    Furthermore, the SCCA has also committed funding to the AWSR Concussion Trial (20 units), on top of supplying the first unit free of charge to each SCCA sprintcar licensee for 2022/23.

    The following rule changes/additions were ratified:

    • Appeal form will be added back into the rule book;

    • It is mandatory for all drivers to have a Tozuda � impact indicator attached to their helmet. The device must be fitted to the rear of the helmet and must be in an untriggered state prior to any competition. The serial number of the indicator/s (if the driver has multiple helmets fitted) will be recorded in the drivers licence. In the event of an on-track incident that triggers the indicator the driver is to be excluded from competition until a medical clearance is obtained (as per the existing concussion rule). Triggered Indicators and diagnosed concussions are to be reported to the SCCA Secretary;

    • The SCCA will be provide the first unit free of charge to SCCA licence holders (additional units will be available for purchase from SMC);

    • In a clarification of Rule 8.2, communication devices will not be permitted under any conditions;

    • A checklist has been devised for LS Engines and SCCA will be providing No-Go Gauges to each State Member Club;

    • A support bar will be mandatory in all Sprintcars from September 1, 2023. The specification will be the same as World of Outlaws, requiring a 14-inch placement instead of a 15-inch;

    • The minimum distance for rear nerf bar under the fuel tank must be at least 150mm;

    • There will be increased fines and penalties for any drivers/teams caught using traction control;

    • All circuits/venues must have available a vehicle capable of lifting 1.25 tonne (25cwt) at least 3 metres (10 feet) to hold an SCCA event;

    • No objects/attachments can be fitted to the helmet unless prior approval by SMC appointed Scrutineer. Impact indicators as outlined earlier have been approved.

    A comprehensive list of changes will be available shortly via State Member Clubs.

    There was also a clarification of Flexible Seat Mounting Systems - that they are not permitted under the current rule book and therefore illegal to run.

    They are yet to be SFI or FIA certified. Car owners can contact the National Technical Officer for more information.

    With the addition of LS engines to the 360 specifications, State Member Clubs felt a name was needed that reflected the progression of the division.

    As such, Pro Sprints was selected as the category name and the 2023 Australian Pro Sprints Championship was awarded to Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway, to be held on Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25.

    There has been a great deal of interest in the LS engines over the past couple of years, and now the specifications are finalised we should see numbers increase for the division.

    Speedway Australia’s Darren Tindal attended and delivered a comprehensive update on 2021/22 statistics and an overall summary of the season.

    A discussion on tyres, and how supply issues will impact racing over the coming season identified a range of issues, including single tyre usage restriction rules, the varying conditions of tracks, race formats, the responsibility of tyre suppliers and the withholding of supply.

    Ultimately, consensus amongst SMC delegates was that common sense should prevail with SMCs, Promoters and Suppliers.

    The SCCA Executive will hold quarterly online meetings with State Member Clubs to deal with any topics and issues that may arise throughout the season.

    State Member Clubs will be given access to the Sprintcars Australia Facebook page to enable the provision of more content to the page beyond Australian Championship information.

    The next Stewards Conference has been set for Sunday, September 18 in Melbourne.

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