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  • The 2022-2023 C&H Trucking Pro Sprint Series round four was runs and won last night at Blue Ribbon Raceway Horsham that saw the fourth different winner of the four rounds contested so far this season when Daniel Storer took the race lead on the last lap out of turn four to take his maiden feature race win after only four meetings since stepping up to the Sprintcar ranks.

    While the car count on the night was lower than expected this did not detract from the great racing in the heat races and main event once again the Horsham venue.

    With the heat races over the last change to try for a front row start in the C&H Trucking A Main came down to the top six drivers in points for the two shootouts. Jordan Rae, last round feature winner and Domain Ramsay moved from the silver shootout to the gold to challenge Daniel Storer and David McKay for the front row start in the main event.

    Jordan Rae had the V9 on song to take the P1 starting place with Daniel Storer to line up beside his, Domain Ramsay and David McKay filled row two, Matthew Symons and Steven Horton were in row three followed by Eddie Lumbar, Andy Hibbert, Sam Wren and Dale Walsh.

    Main event time and Rae won the start from Storer to lead the first lap while Wren was quick to move past both Hibbert and Lumbar. Walsh had an early spin into the infield that ended his night, Storer looked to have to pace to match Rae leaving Ramsay in Third place from McKay who now had Wren on his tail tank. The racing was close for the top six till the leaders came into lapped traffic.

    Storer was still matching Rae’s pace and keeping into touch, Ramsay had both McKay and Wren moving in on him in the later stage of the race looking for the third spot, Wren and Symons made the pass on McKay at two thirds race distance. Wren was now closing on Ramsay till Ramsay put a lapped car between himself and Wren that would end Wren’s chances to challenge Ramsay for third place.

    Two to go and Rae was still holding a slender lead over Storer who was doing a great job picking his lines to keep the pressure on Rae, one to go and Storer was right with Rae as the entered turn three for the last time, Rae left and opening and Storer took the advantage to put the VA43 up the inside for run to the flag off turn four for the last time to go on and take the race win by 0.292 of a second in the flag to flag no stop race.

    Ramsay closed in on the leaders in the last couple of laps but had to settle for third place ahead of Wren.

    Symons took a well deserved fifth place from McKay, Horton, Lumbar and Hibbert who was not having a great night by his standers.

    Four Rounds of the C&H Pro Sprint Series contested so far with four different winners, R1 went to Charles Hunter, R2 Paul Solomon, R3 Jordan Rae, R4 Danie Storer, with round five in two weeks’ time at Premier Speedway will we be seeing yet another different driver add their name to Series winners list!

    Heat wins earlier in the night went to VA83 David McKay and VA43 Daniel Storer.

    C& H Trucking Sprintcar Limited Series awards:

    End of Series awards:

    EZ Print –Drivers Driver award as voted on by the drivers in the Series.
    (End of Series award)

    SS Auto Wholesales: Most heat wins during the Series. ($500)
    (In the event of a tie the driver with the most Series points wins)
    Heat winners on the night: VA83 David McKay and VA43 Daniel Storer.
    Overall- V7 Paul Solomon (4 Wins)

    Eliminator Race Wings – (Two awards) A new front win for each award. 1st award -The driver that transfers from the B Main to the A Main the most. (In the event of a tie the driver that finishers highest in the point wins)
    2nd award - The most improved driver of the Series.

    SS Auto Wholesales: -The driver that finishes in sixth place in the A Main at each round of the Series ($100). VA83 David McKay.

    Eureka Garages & Sheds: The top points scorer at each round of the Series. ($100) VA43 Daniel Storer.

    The next round of the C&H Trucking Pro Sprint Series will see a return to Premier Speedway Warrnambool for round 5 on Saturday night, March 18.

    C&H Trucking Series Top ten
    1st Jordan Rae 1427
    2nd Daniel Storer 1233
    3rd Andy Hibbert 1208
    4th Sam Wren 1191
    5th Paul Solomon 1136
    6th Charles Hunter 1110
    7th Matthew Symons 1072
    8th Dale Walsh 948
    9th Steven Horton 843
    10th David McKay 773

    11th to 20th in the Points Strandings
    11th Ben Micallef 583
    12th Shane Steenholdt 571
    13th Jordan Abbott 542
    14th Jordy Langdon 484
    15th Eddie Lumbar 451
    16th Marcus Green 418
    17th Nigel Laity 413
    18th Phil Micallef 412
    19th Boyd Harris 408
    20th Domain Ramsay 363

    The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thank the following C&H Trucking Series sponsors:

    The top three Left to right - Domain Ramsay - Daniel Storer - Jordan Rae - phot by Cartlidge Photography

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