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  • The Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway pit area will be filled with a range of racing vehicles this Saturday night (February 9) with the main feature being the Load 28 / Bonetti Transport and Hire South Australian AMCA National Championship, with drivers from four Australian states entered for what is the biggest race on the local AMCA calendar.

    The field of 18 drivers has attracted some of the best AMCA pilots around including the likes of former Australian Champions Tim Reidy (2017) and Jeremy Moore (2018) and current Australia #4 Shane Cartwright. Then when you throw in current SA Champ Dean Heseltine, Tasmanian Rob Bassett, Darren McCarthy, Jason Robinson, Lachie Gwynne and Jake Armstrong it will be an extremely hard-fought Championship event.

    The Wingless Sprints return for the second week in a row with another strong line-up including Australian Champion Joel Chadwick who will be chasing his fourth feature race in a row. Matthew Kennedy gave Chadwick a real hurry up last weekend and he will be hoping to go one spot better this Saturday night. Joel Heinrich steps back into the Wingless after making his 410 Sprintcar debut recently and he will be another serious contender along with Jake Ashworth, Robert Heard, Jarman Dalitz, Brad Evans and Darryl Sloan.

    A field of 9 Late Models will back up for another week with last Saturday’s winner Mark McCarthy among the field that also includes Mat Crimmins, Fiona Verhoeven, Andy Maxwell Jr and Jason Robinson. It is also great to see Steve Vaughan is set to return to action after rolling his machine last weekend in the opening heat.

    The Modlites and Street Stocks will also be present in good numbers taking the event nomination list to over 70 competitors, therefore it should be a great night of racing from a wide variety of Speedway classes.

    Event Details – South Australian AMCA National Championship, Late Models, Wingless Sprints, Modlites and Street Stocks – February 9, 2019.

    Gates open 3pm - On-track action from 5pm

    Tickets at the gate or online from www.speedwaytickets.com.au
    Adults - $25
    Concession - $20
    Juniors 13-15 - $10
    Kids Under 12 - FREE
    Family - $60

    NOMINATIONS - Saturday, February 9, 2019

    AMCA NATIONALS (SA Title) - 18

    S3 Jason Sloper
    V7 Frank Thierry
    S11 Jeremy Moore
    N11 Shane Cartwright
    S12 Travis Litterini
    T13 Rob Bassett
    S14 Jake Armstrong
    S23 Jason Robinson
    S24 Lachie Gwynne
    V24 Darren McCarthy
    S25 Alan Saint
    V25 Jamie Nichols
    V28 Paul Sullivan
    S42 John Stumann
    S75 Kelsey Allen
    V79 Tim Reidy
    V93 Dean Heseltine
    T99 Justin Richardson


    5M Mark McCarthy
    S8 Fiona Verhoeven
    B9 Brett Watson
    S10 Mat Crimmins
    S23 Jason Robinson
    24M Cary McCarthy
    S31 Roger Oliver
    S67 Steve Vaughan
    S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr

    MODLITES - 11

    S0 Brook Alexander
    S5 Graham Knuckey
    S8 Michael Cowland
    S9 Patrick Hewitt
    S11 Rex Hodgson
    S12 Andrew Launer
    S23 Cory Hodgson
    S41 Brian Chadwick
    S45 Chris Ferguson
    S73 Justin Chadwick
    S85 Nathan Launer


    A1 Joel Chadwick
    S2 Jake Ashworth
    S8 Darryl Sloan
    S9 Benjamin Harris
    S11 Normie Moore
    S16 Joel Heinrich
    S21 Matthew Kennedy
    S24 Aaron Doe
    S28 Renee Pestka
    S30 Jaime Lee Andrews
    S32 Daniel Smith
    S33 Brad Evans
    S46 Mark Taylor
    S47 Robert Heard
    S53 Nicole Southby
    S55 Latisha Helyar
    S77 Mick Barker
    S79 Shane Hammerstein
    S96 Jarman Dalitz


    C0 Craig Buchanan
    M0 Moss Buchanan
    S2 Anthony Buchanan
    S14 Nigel Reichstein
    NT15 Sam Brumfield
    S22 Tony Prideaux
    S23 Ben Whitehead
    S42 Jamie Owens
    MDA44 Shaun McClure
    S51 Zac Waters
    S52 Heath Thorne
    S62 Trae Ballantyne
    S101 David McEwin
    S104 Robert Uren

    Ends Release.
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