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  • This Sunday afternoon (June 9) the 2018/19 South Australian Speedway season comes to an end at the Sunline Speedway at Waikerie with an all sections program with the sedans taking centre stage with the running of the Steve Butcher Memorial for Street Stocks and the Sunline Modified Sedan Championship.

    The Street Stock field of the Steve Butcher Memorial is a little down on recent years for what has become the traditional Sunline season closer. Leading the entry list is defending race Champion Nigel Reichstein but he will have some strong competition with the likes of Neville Nitschke, Cade Cox, Matt Maynard, Steve Heinrich and Darren Flatman on the nomination list.

    The Modified Sedan Championship will see a field of 8 drivers front for action with the most likely winner being either Peter McCarthy or Jeremy McClure although the Father and Son pairing of Marty and Trevor Raams may have something to say about that.

    In addition to the Street Stocks and Modified Sedans a strong field of Junior Sedans will compete in their final round of the Sunline Speedway Track Championship, while the Modliltes, Super Sedans, AMCA Nationals and Classic Super Modifieds will also be on track, with the latter providing “Demonstration” laps. Also, for something a little bit different the event will also feature a dedicated “Street Stock Ladies Race”.

    Gates open at 10am with on track action from 12 noon. Admission prices will be Adults $20, Concessions $15, Families $45, Kids (12 to 5) $5 with kids Under 5 being free.

    Street Stocks - Steve Butcher Memorial - (14) (Sponsored by Active Motor Wreckers)

    S11 James Jamieson
    S19 Phil Watson
    S14 Nigel Reichstein
    S15 Cheyanne Richter Uren
    MDA 23 Trevor Logan
    S27 Cade Cox
    S55 Matt Maynard
    S58 Neville Nitschke
    S59 Haydon Jolly
    P62 Timothy Humby
    S63 Steve Heinrich
    MDA79 Wade Fell
    S82 Darren Flatman
    S116 Jake Hamilton

    Junior Sedans - Track Championship Final Round - (17) (Sponsored by Speedway Sedans Australia)

    S3 Ky McEwin
    S4 Thomas Richter
    S12 Isabelle Richter
    MDA14 Cameron Smith
    MDA15 Will Shore
    S16 Max Richter
    S24 Chelsea Gwynne
    S26 Blake Laan
    S44 Tyler Whitbourne
    S46 Lucas Warnett
    S55 Kirra-Lee Pitcher
    S58 Nate Trewin
    S61 Callum Crossing
    S62 Damon Laan
    S84 Shanae Grillett
    S85 Corey Richter
    S112 Drew Flatman

    Modified Sedans Championship - (8) (Sponsored by Haseldine Automotive and Rockstar Energy Drinks)

    S0 Trevor Raams
    MDA2 Jeremy McClure
    S4 Ben Tuttle
    S8 Marty Raams
    S44 Paul Hayes
    GV81 Peter McCarthy
    S89 Justin Demaine (ROF)
    S93 Adam Haseldine

    Modlites - (9)

    S0 Brook Alexander
    S9 Patrick Hewitt
    S12 Andrew Launer
    S29 Jacob Carlier
    S41 Brian Chadwick
    S45 Chris Ferguson
    S52 Andy Maxwell Jnr
    S73 Justin Chadwick
    S85 Nathan Launer

    Super Sedans - (5)

    S2 Daniel Obst (TBC)
    S43 Jason Gantz
    S44 Robert Uren
    S47 Michael Miller
    S66 Adrian Wright

    AMCA Nationals - (7) (Sponsored by Signs On Para)

    S1 (V24) Darren McCarthy
    V7 Frank Thierry
    T13 Rodney Bassett
    S23 Jason Robinson
    V25 Zack Tyson
    S42 John Stumann
    S75 Kelsey Allen

    Street Stocks - Ladies Race (8)

    S15 Cheyanne Richter Uren
    S19 Jemma Chapman
    S55 Jane Birkin
    S59 Leyanne Jolly
    P62 Kandice Marsh
    MDA79 Paige Gwynne
    S82 Ashlee Flatman
    S116 Makalya Maxwell

    Classic Super Modifieds (Demonstrations)- (9)

    SA6 Peter Ziedas
    V9 David Moore
    Q11 George Stell
    SA11 Trevor Mackereth
    SA24 Lee Nicole
    QLD25 Nick Butterworth
    NSW28 Ivan Wilson
    SA49 Glen Catford
    S50 John Chadwick

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