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  • A massive field of street stocks will descend on Timmis Speedway this Saturday night for the annual TOP GUN street stock feature. Some of the best street stock drivers in the country will be in attendance trying to claim the win and it promises to be some great racing.

    43 cars will see a total of 12 qualifying heats before a top 8 pole shuffle, B-main and then the all important A-main to be ran over 40 laps. 20 laps one way then a further 20 laps in the opposite direction. Here is a full list of nominations for the event:

    Sa12 Darren Flatman
    Mda9 Ben Aworth
    Mda99 Leigh Fallon
    Mda79 Alby fell
    Sa58 Neville Nitscke
    Sh51 Scott Bull
    Sa29 Jason Gibbs
    Mda36 Dan/jake Drewett
    Ha27 Jason Degoldi
    Sa77 Matt Starkey
    Mda23 Trev Logan
    V48 mick Clarke
    Ha19 Lewis Clarke
    Sa47 josh Roberts
    Sa51 Shane Hammerstein
    Av24 brad McClure
    Sa92 Matthew rappisarda
    Sa18 Jason duell
    Mda17 Jason faux
    R17 Robert Tinworth
    Sa32 Stevie Gartner
    Ax69 Wayne Sheerman
    Sh52 Paul/zoey salau
    B23 Shaun Henry
    R42 Chris Whatmore
    Sh15 Dan fox
    Sa101 harley-ray Moore
    Sh56 mal Morrison
    B36 Stuart Robinson
    Bh111 kasey staker
    Av74 Ric swasbrick
    Sa6 Barry Sullivan
    Bh.103 Johnny lines
    Bh99 Greaham tumes
    Bh86 Charlie ray
    Aus1 Robbie faux
    Bgo45 Paul Threlfall
    Av75 Troy polley
    Mda14 Daniel Andrews
    Sa8 Paul Hayes
    B5 des Birkin
    B95 jack bishop
    Nsw3 Colin Peadon

    A full support program will be running including AMCA Nationals, Easymix 1467AM Modified Sedans and more. Racing starts at 5PM.
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