• Victorian Compact Speedcar race driver Matthew Adams is in the midst of a rich vain of form and on the back of a fourth place finish in the Victorian title this season is keen to close the season with further strong results in his best season yet.

    A couple seasons ago Adams invested in a late model bike engine for his car as he set about upgrading his equipment and that upgrade finished this season with a new drive line and power steering completing the changes he wished to make.

    The season for Adams turned around at Wangaratta Speedway where in a strong field Matty finished behind Robbie Gordon, Rob Eyeington and Mark Cecil when he raced home in fourth place in the Victorian title in January.

    At the Victorian title Adams had multiple former national champion Danny Stainer and family in his corner as he achieved his top four. This is how he felt about having Danny & Ross in his corner. “It was amazing as I recognized I needed a bit of help to get back on track and Danny and Ross gave me the confidence in the set up along with a few driving tips and I was on my way! I am thankful for their enthusiasm and willingness to assist.”

    The # 21 Motosign supported machine has been very consistent in staying on the track and avoiding break downs this season and along with reliability Adams says his attitude to racing has improved. “I’m 41 now and I don’t want to die wondering how well I could have gone, so I’m letting it all hang out these days and having some great fun doing so.”

    Before Matthew hit the race tracks his father raced back at the Melbourne Speedbowl in the early 70s winning a number of track and club championships in sedan divisions before buying a midget in 1984 and campaigning that through to 1988.

    Simon Adams Matt’s oldest brother raced a midget in the Melbourne Speedbowls last season and then Matty raced the next five seasons around Victoria whilst his youngest brother Paul also did some meetings around that time in the midget also.

    Then after more than a dozen years out of Speedway Matt brought a Compact Speedcar three seasons ago and Paul brought a Wingless Sprint and the Adams were back in racing.

    Speedway for the Adams family dates back to the 1930s where Matt’s grandfather was a spectator at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre track and then at Tracey’s Speedway with his father in the 50’s and 60’s.

    At the moment in Victorian Compacts Adams is up against the very tough Robbie Gordon, however Adams one of a number of drivers on the improve that hope to challenge Gordon and mix things up a bit next season. “Robbie is a top operator and together with Mark Cecil they are the guys to beat. I feel that each time I race I am learning more about my car and edging closer to those guys. We have a strong middle class in our club which is on the improve & we hope more of us challenge more often very soon”.

    Adams has no plans to move from Compacts due to business and family commitments. Speedway is very much a hobby with the Compacts suiting Adams fine.

    Matty often goes racing alone and has a strong mechanical knowledge and has overseen all the changes on his car himself. Recently he has been joined by Mal an enthusiastic ex sedan racer who has been an amazing help.

    Matty Adams is supported by and thanks the following:
    Fire Protection Services
    Foodworks Alexandra
    GoRacing Fuels
    Centaur Karakampa
    D’Alberto Motors
    Great Ocean Road Bakehouse
    Bruno Body Repairs

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Motosign Motorsport

    Adams at Wangaratta (C) Inaction Photos

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