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  • It’s no secret that current Victorian Mini Sprint Victorian Champion Owen Milton is on his way to the Formula 500 division, having already dabbled in the class this season mostly in speed week, however Milton is keen to put a tough run at Bairnsdale & Rosedale at Easter to defend his position at the top of the Mini Sprint ranks before he sets off for new challenges.

    The 21 year old Diesel Mechanic is working over in Western Australia and flying back to go racing right through the season is supported at the track by his dad Chris (Crew Chief) and his girl Angel Horvath. It’s a small team however it’s a team that works for O.

    With a Stephen Bell (Jettco) built Kawasaki engine in the car caged in an aggressor chassis it makes for a very good package that is also enhanced by development that is undertaken with the guys at JJM Turboworld.

    Milton the current state champion rates his dad as his most respected competitor and somebody he hopes to see back on the race track again soon. It’s a buzz to beat your dad O says.

    Mid-Western Speedway Darlington should look out as the venue is currently his favourite, however with Kevin Bomford the winner at the venue early this season, Milton will need to be on his game this Saturday night.

    Owen Milton thanks the following for their support:
    JJM Turboworld
    Alex Scott Real Estate
    Milton AG Repairs
    Sinnbeck Signs
    Smartline Fit Outs

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Speedway Council

    Milton in action (C) Inaction Photos

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