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  • This Saturday and Sunday the prestigious Brian Rose Memorial / RDA 100 will be held at the Ellenbrook Speedway in Western Australia.

    The event attracts the best drivers in the state and intestate competitors alike, with three times National Champion Brad McClure, and fellow Victorian Jason DeGoldi, making the trip West for the event.

    In total 42 drivers have entered, with Jamie and Jason Oldfield amongst the starting line-up, along with WA driver of the year, Peter Herbert.

    Junior Sedand and Production Sedans are also on the program, with live result updates on SSA Facebook Page across the weekend.


    W00 Hamish Macapline
    W0 Jamie Oldfield
    W2 Damion Huntjens
    W4 Ethan Genev
    W5 Justin Melhuish (#51)
    W6 Hayden Norman
    W7 Josh Martinelli
    W9 Martin Kelly
    W10 Damon Thomson
    W12 Ryan Penfold
    W15 Wayne Thomson
    W17 Philip Lycholit
    W19 Simon McNab
    W21 Anthony Heelan
    V24 Brad McClure
    W25 Peter Huntjens
    W27 Michael McCague
    W28 James Westerman
    W31 Cody Avins
    W32 Travis Castagna
    W35 Craig Clayton
    W37 Damon Lyall
    W38 Bob Wakefield
    W44 Peter Herbert
    W51 Rod Musarra
    W55 Jace Kempton
    W57 Rodney Passamani
    W66 Ben Norman
    W72 Josh Haydon
    W81 Peter Walker
    W82 Matt Amato
    W83 Daniel Ameduri
    W84 Jason Oldfield
    W85 Warren Oldfield
    W88 Peter Dowie
    W89 Carl Pickersgill
    W94 Kieran Norman
    W112 Paul Briggs (12)
    W121 Evan Wakefield
    V183 Jason Degoldi
    W228 Grant Hinkley
    W318 Freddy Kinsella
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