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  • Leigh Williams showed some excellent form on Saturday night at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway, when he won the Super Sedan Feature Race.

    In a rare appearance for Super Sedans at the venue, Craig Shaw and Nicholas OKeeffe won the first two heats, before Shaw won again in heat three, before Williams won the final qualifying heat.

    Williams and Shaw started on the front row for the A Main, with Williams leading all of the way. He was challenged early by Shaw until he retired on lap eight. Ashley Peall moved to second, with Bob McCosker moving to third. Williams though, had opened a handy margin, going on to win by four car lengths at the chequered flag.

    Both Williams and McCosker will be part of a big field to compete this Saturday night, at the Rockhampton Showgrounds, for the second round of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series.

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    Heat 1, 8 Laps: 1. M5 Craig Shaw, 2. BB11 Ashley Peall, 3. GL39 Bob McCosker, 4. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 5. Q27 Ryan Cats, 6. M16 Sam Grundy, 7. C20 Nicholas OKeeffe (1 lap). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 5.632, Fastest Lap: 15.639 GL39 Bob McCosker

    Heat 2, 8 Laps: 1. C20 Nicholas OKeeffe, 2. GL39 Bob McCosker, 3. RK4 Leigh Williams, 4. M16 Sam Grundy, 5. Q27 Ryan Cats, 6. RK31 Brendan Doyle (1 lap). Time: 2.12.180, Winning Margin: 3.049, Fastest Lap: 15.885 C20 Nicholas OKeeffe

    Heat 3, 8 Laps: 1. M5 Craig Shaw, 2. RK4 Leigh Williams, 3. Q27 Ryan Cats, 4. M16 Sam Grundy, 5. BB11 Ashley Peall, 6. RK31 Brendan Doyle. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.713, Fastest Lap: 16.286 M5 Craig Shaw

    Heat 4, 8 Laps: 1. RK4 Leigh Williams, 2. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 3. BB11 Ashley Peall, 4. C20 Nicholas OKeeffe, 5. M5 Craig Shaw, 6. GL39 Bob McCosker. Time: 2.17.742, Winning Margin: 0.704, Fastest Lap: 16.092 RK31 Brendan Doyle

    A Main, 12 Laps: 1. RK4 Leigh Williams, 2. BB11 Ashley Peall, 3. GL39 Bob McCosker, 4. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 5. M16 Sam Grundy, 6. M5 Craig Shaw (8 laps). DISQ: C20 Nicholas OKeeffe (8). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.170, Fastest Lap: 16.296 RK4 Leigh Williams

    Leigh Williams showed great car speed on Saturday night. He will be in action again this Saturday night at Rockhampton. Photo courtesy of Mr Click

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