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  • Excellent fields in all three divisions have signed on for duty at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool for the final night of the 2017-18 season, which will feature three amazing feature events.

    The Victorian 360 Sprintcar Title has attracted a field of nearly 30 cars to this points in time, with David Murcott, Brett Milburn, Rusty Hickman, John Vogels, Brayden Parr, Eddie Lumbar and a host of other stars are set to try and arrest the Title from its current custodian Jordyn Charge, who will be as equally determined to go back-to-back!

    The Di Watson Memorial for Modified Production will also be run on Saturday night as a part of the final round of the VMPA Tri-Tech Lubricants Series.

    A stout field of cars has entered for the event with the recently crowned Australian Champion Cameron Waters headlining the stars of this exciting division along with former Aussie Champs Andrew Blackwell and David Smith while former Junior National Champion Brock Atkins will also pull on the helmet along with former Street Stock National Champ Robbie Faux.

    As for the Series Points, Blackwell leads the way with 701 points, from Atkins on 635 and Kye Walters on 623. They are followed by Robbie Faux and Trevor Mills on 570 with Nick Cockerill rounding out the top five on 569.

    One of the highlights of the night is sure to be the return of the rampaging Super Sedans to Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool.

    Once again, the current Australian Champion will be in the field with Tasmania’s Callum Harper returning to a circuit he has excelled at in the past. Joining Harper will be some of the biggest names in Super Sedan Racing with Darren Kane, the current Queensland Champion Matt Pascoe, the Victorian Champ Dave Gartner and the likes of Mick Nicola Snr, Lachlan Onley, Peter Nicola, Ash Bergmeier and Mick Nicola Jnr amongst the list of entries.

    This will be a night of Speedway Racing not to be missed with a huge program of events scheduled.

    All race fans are reminded that tickets for this event are available only on a walk-up basis, with a family of two adults and two children being admitted for just $30.00.

    Single Adult admission will be $15.00.

    More information is available at www.premierspeedway.com.au

    Nominations (to be confirmed in all divisions):

    360 Sprintcars:

    V2 Domain Ramsay
    VA2 Boyd Harris
    V3 Jacob Dickson
    V7 Paul Solomon
    VA8 Shaun McClure
    VA9 Jason Domaschenz
    V16 Kane Newcombe
    V18 Anthony Foster
    V29 Michael Tancredi
    VA29 Brett Milburn
    VA33 Vernon Wiley
    V34 Brenton Farrer
    N36 Eddie Lumbar
    V40 Ron Donaldson
    V40 Rusty Hickman
    S44 Daniel Evans
    N46 Stacey Galliford
    VA50 Jesse Nicholas
    V60 Jordyn Charge
    V64 David Aldersley
    VA68 Jessica Moulden
    V70 John Vogels
    V74 Michael Cunningham
    VA75 David Donegan
    V77 Brayden Parr
    V78 Chris Campbell
    V83 Chris Solomon
    V88 David Murcott
    VA91 Daniel Scott
    V93 Travis Millar

    Modified Production:

    A1 Cameron Waters
    TAS1 Brad Herbert
    N5 Robbie Faux
    MDA6 Wade McCarthy
    N7 Andrew Blackwell
    RDL9 Leigh Bourke
    AV11 Jeff Leahy
    RDL11 Nick Cockerill
    N13 Russell Bent
    AV14 Matt Gerlach
    B15 Zac Swanson
    N16 Russell Felsovary
    MDA19 David Smith
    WA23 Clint Noakes
    N25 Nick Hill
    HO31 Michael Hayden
    HA36 Brock Atkins
    RDL45 Peter Walters
    RDL46 Kye Walters
    BGO56 Graham West
    MDA61 Matt Nelson
    MDA72 Martin Hawson
    NG87 Aaron Bunton
    GV94 Rachel Pratt

    Super Sedans:

    A1 Callum Harper
    Q1 Matt Pascoe
    V1 Dave Gartner
    V2 Peter Nicola
    Q3 Matt Williams
    V3 Mick Nicola Snr
    Q4 Leigh Williams
    V5 Anthony Randall
    SA5 Trevor Ware
    V8 Jamie Collins
    V16 Ash Bergmeier
    V17 Brad Wicks
    N17 Lachlan Onley
    N21 Darren Anning
    N23 Andrew White
    V23 Mick Nicola Jnr
    V24 Dave Mackenzie
    Q26 Sean Black
    V27 Anthony Nicola
    Q36 Darren Kane
    V41 Ben Faulkhead
    NQ44 Trent Wilson
    S52 Michael Brown
    V56 Neil Witnish
    V71 Lionel West
    V72 Ian Page
    SA93 Kym Jury
    SA99 Steve Schwartz

    End Release.

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