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  • Corbets Group Mothar Mountain Speedway bursts back into action with a very special race meeting on Friday, 28 December 2018, when the Brims Concrete, Ford Wreckers Redcliffe Super Sedan Summer Slam Round 1 will be staged.

    Over the last couple of seasons, the Summer Slam meeting has been nothing short of spectacular. This season should continue this tradition when the best drivers attack the Mountain again.

    Leading the list is current Queensland Champion Matt Pascoe, who won his state title on the Mountain last season. He loves the demanding lay out of the circuit and is keen to lead home the field again.

    His main opposition will, no doubt, be Darren Kane who also loves to race on the Mountain and has won just about everything there is to win in the sport.

    Sean Black, Wayne Randall and Matt Williams are always at or near the front of the field and will also have victory on their minds for the Slam.

    Pascoe and Randall were the only two drivers who are in the line-up to win a Feature Race at the Mountain last season.

    Local driver Mark Pagel and veteran Ian Brims cannot be overlooked either.

    Twenty five drivers will compete in the opening night of the Summer Slam which will continue the night after at the Archerfield Speedway.

    Q0 Justin Randall
    Q3 Graeme Elliott
    Q3 Matthew Williams
    Q4 Mark Pagel
    Q4 Leigh Williams
    Q5 Craig Shaw
    Q6 Wayne Randall
    N7 Wayne Dick
    Q8 Gordon Shaw
    Q12 David Musch
    Q15 Matty Pascoe
    Q15 Gavin Northfield
    Q20 Nicholas OKeeffe
    N21 Darren Anning
    Q22 Dale Christensen
    Q25 Darren Hawkins
    Q26 Sean Black
    Q29 Darren Saunders
    Q31 Brendan Doyle
    Q36 Darren Kane
    Q39 Bob McCosker
    Q41 Kyall Fisher
    Q76 Ian Brims
    Q77 Sam Roza
    Q99 Mark OBrien

    Details from Paul Gannon
    Photo courtesy of 44Photography
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