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  • The Street Stock Banjos Bakery Series continues this Saturday night at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway with round nine attracting another quality field entered as the series reaches the final four rounds. The event also doubles as the Go Hard Concreting 20/20

    The top four drivers in the series, Corey Bauld, Dale Riley Jnr, Steven Harvey and Ben Riley are all entered however Bauld holds a 133 point lead over Riley Jnr.

    Further down the leader board only 51 points separate seven drivers between eighth and fourteenth place, making every race and every point vital in the overall point-standings. Three of the drivers in that cluster are not entered for Saturday nights event and subsequently the points table will be totally reshaped at the end of the night.

    Steve Russell who won last Sunday nights Feature race at Hobart will join the top four ensuring another great night of racing.

    The night will culminate with a forty lap feature race, twenty laps in both directions.


    T2 Jarrod Rogers
    T4 Steven Harvey
    T5 Troy Russell
    T6 Terry Hammond
    T8 Charlie Ivory
    T15 Daniel Cunningham
    T24 Ben Riley
    T28 Dale Riley Jnr
    T32 Terri Farrell
    T33 Brad Farrell
    T34 Ian McGuinness
    T44 John Riley
    T55 Nick Anderson
    T61 Jarrod Beasley
    T65 Trent Austen
    T72 Steven Pyne
    T77 Corey Bauld
    T78 Mitchell Allison
    T81 Darren Garwood
    T85 Brett Henri
    T92 Steve Russell

    Official Points After Round Eight

    1 T77 Corey Bauld 1032
    2 T28 Dale Riley Jnr 899
    3 T4 Steven Harvey 673
    4 T24 Ben Riley 658
    5 T7 Corey Jetson 480
    6 T44 John Riley 418
    7 T9 Luke Williams 380
    8 T5 Troy Russell 288
    9 T33 Brad Farrell 272
    10 T46 Brendon Green 254
    11 T72 Steven Pyne 250
    12 T23 Nathan Russell 247
    13 T11 Matt Hamoond 243
    14 T78 Mat Crawford 237
    15 T110 Terry Hammond 222
    16 T2 Jarrod Rogers 214
    17 T55 Nick Anderson 178
    18 T15 Daniel Cunningham 170
    19 T57 Brad Thompson 164
    20 T98 David Summers 137

    Photo: Last Sunday nights winner Steve Russell
    Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography
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