• After a successful first round of the new Victorian Street Stock Series, round two takes place this
    Saturday night at the South Gippsland Bullring known as Nyora Raceway. The Nyora club now have
    some Nyora registered Street Stocks amongst their membership base and Eugene Bennett, Steve
    Hardie and Russell Hill are amongst the line-up looking to secure a strong result on home turf.

    With the winner of the first round Lenny Bates, absent due to work commitments, runner up at the
    Wangaratta first round Jamie Lock now has all eyes on him as to being this weekends benchmark.
    Lock will travel in to town from Bendigo and will face competition such as Jayden Blomeley, Jason
    Duell who was third at Wangaratta makes the trip across from Mount Gambier, Shane Roycroft and
    his wife Felicity from the Goulburn Valley, Mick Dann and Andrew Jordan from Melbournes eastern
    suburbs, Jason Degoldi from Geelong, Shaun Henry from Ballarat, Warrick Howie from Victorias
    North East and the earlier mentioned Russell Hill who has won more times at Nyora in his career
    than the rest of the field combined.

    There are some terrific race drivers in amongst this quality field. Degoldi had a cracking season last
    year where he kept on winning around the state, Blomeley had a breakout season where he started
    to pop up on podiums with results on a regular basis, and Dann is always a driver at the front end to
    keep an eye on, he has been on more national title podiums than anybody in the list.

    Eugene Bennett, Greg Parks, Andrew Burgoyne all showed that they want to be included on lists of
    favouritism with their great showings in round one and consistency for these guys is key. Adrian
    Lawrence missed out at the first round as did the before mentioned Dann and Andrew Jordan, watch
    for these three to really get in amongst the action this weekend.

    Current Series top Ten after round one, with drivers best four of five race nights counting.
    Lenny Bates 131
    Jamie Lock 101
    Jason Duell 99
    Warrick Howie 91
    Tim Hutchinson 87
    Andrew Burgoyne 79
    Shane Roycroft 78
    Jayden Blomeley 75
    Eugene Bennett 74
    Brooke Ferguson 68
    Andrew Jordan 68

    For race drivers the pits open from Midday and the drivers briefing will be at 4.00pm with racing
    from 4.30pm.

    The Victorian Street Stock Series would like to thank;
    Mental Racewear
    Aerodrome Automotive
    Claridge House Removals
    Forbzys Spray Painting
    Pro 1 Race Parts
    Smooth Suspension
    EB Graphics
    Campton Graphics
    Patriot Motorsport
    Morey Warnock Engineering
    DMT Sports Media official media supplier
    Napier Photography official photographer

    Jamie Lock Bendigo 43
    Eugene Bennett Nyora 19
    Andy Burgoyne Redline 13
    Jayden Blomeley Ballarat 62
    AJ Lawrence Rosedale 55
    Belinda McCoubrie Colac 66
    Russell Hill Drouin 21
    Greg Parks Alexandra 36
    Jamie Curtis Bairnsdale 17
    Craig Claridge Swan Hill 7
    Jason Duell SA 18
    Felicity Roycroft GV 65
    Shane Roycroft GV 82
    Steven Hardie Nyora 94
    Mick Dann Redline 0
    Kevin Brogmus Alexandra 58
    Shaun Henry Ballarat 23
    Jason Degoldi Redline 27
    Jason Morrison Colac 84
    David Barnes Drouin 73
    Todd Rose Mildura 73
    David Barrie Colac 83
    Warwick Howie NSW 11
    Zoe Salau Swan Hill 52
    Jayden Riordan Mildura 26
    Andrew Jordan Alexandra 89

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Victorian Street Stock Series

    Photo of Jayden Blomeley by Napier Photography
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