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  • Having swept all before him during his recent Speeedcar campaign at Sydney Speedway, California’s Carson Macedo will return to Australia for the Australian Speedcar Championship on February 28 and 29.

    Macedo proved to be a dominant force behind the wheel of Sean Dyson’s Toyota powered King Chassis combination as he stares down a maiden Australian Speedcar Championship, forming a part of what is expected to be a strong International contingent on hand for the Championship weekend, with current New Zealand Champion Michael Pickens having already entered.

    Of the current list of entries, Victoria’s Travis Mills aboard his GRD powered Spike will be one of the Australian drivers who will be aiming to thwart the attempts of the Internationals to snare the coveted A1.

    Being no stranger to Sungold Stadium, should also hold Domain Ramsay in good stead as he unleashes a potent King Chassis, Hawk Engine package the equal of any in his attempt to record a strong Australian Championship result.

    With more than a week remaining for teams to nominate for the Dutton Garage, Dream Multi-Media Australian Speedcar Championship a strong field is expected with many of Australia’s best yet to enter, while more Internationals will also be announced once their entries are received.

    Tickets for the Australian Speedcar Championship are available for purchase via www.premierspeedway.com.au with admission being just $25 per night (adults) for what promises to be two nights of non-stop Speedcar action featuring some of the best exponents of Speedcar racing in the land plus some handy Internationals!

    Current Entries:

    1nz Michael Pickens - King/Toyota
    W7 Tom Payet - Spike/Toyota
    V10 Travis Mills - Spike/GRD
    V10m Caleb Mills - Spike/Sesco Mopar
    V26 Taylor Gore - Spike/Hawk
    N34 Jeffrey Burns - Spike/Gaerte
    N40 Dave Lambert - Stealth/Mopar
    N51 Michael Stewart - CP3K/GRD Toyota
    N57 Harley Smee - Spike/Inglis Eagle
    V71r Domain Ramsay King/Hawk
    Q89 Rusty Whittaker - BOSS/Esslinger
    T91 Brock Webster - Spike/Fontana
    N99 Carson Macedo - King/Toyota
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