• Kodee Brown would be left frustrated with his performance at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night, despite picking up third place for the second event in a row.

    The third round of the BGC Late Model Pro Dirt Series which doubled as the King of Kwinana, was witnessed by another very big crowd at the Motorplex, with Brown managing a third and a fourth placing in his heats, providing Brown with a second row start along side National Champion, Kye Blight, with Ryan Halliday and Brad Blake occupying the front row.

    The race was a protracted one, perpetuated by stoppages including one on the opening lap, when Matt Nylander spun on the opening turn.

    Halliday again led the field away at the second attempt, with Blight, Blake and Brown chasing hard, with a crash involving Willy Powell and Laura Byrnes in turn four bunching the field again.

    Upon the resumption, Brown was unable to keep the pace of the lead trio and in-turn came under pressure from Ken McPherson, who passed Brown on lap four to move to fourth, as Warren Oldfield then started to make life uncomfortable for Brown as well.

    David Nylander then found himself stuck on the wall on lap five on the back straight, bringing on the cautions again, enabling Brown an opportunity on the resultant restart.

    Brown would be aided further soon after, when Daniel Ameduri and Paul Stubber made contact, ultimately seeing both retire, Michael Holmes went up in a ball of smoke, while Matt Amato lost a wheel on the back straight, causing a further caution, at which time, Kye Blight also retired, leaving not many cars on track, still with twenty one laps remaining.

    Brown would get the better of McPherson on the resumption, moving back to third, as Halliday and Blake drove into the distance yet again. Brown was involved in a great battle with McPherson and Warren Oldfield, but Brown eventually got the upper hand in the concluding stages to finish third, half a lap behind Halliday and Blake.

    “We started alright, but we were junk after that”, said a frustrated Brown after the event.

    “We will pull her down, and go back to the drawing board and try again”, he added

    Brown will be back on track on Saturday 5 December 2020, again at the Perth Motorplex with the John Day Classic.

    Kodee Brown Results
    Heat 2 – 8 Laps: 1. W54 David Nylander, 2. W82 Matt Amato, 3. W07 Kodee Brown, 4. W50 Veronica McCann, 5. A1 Kye Blight, 6. W26 Ken McPherson, 7. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 8. W95 Jason Bond, 9. W44 Laura Byrnes. Time: 2.21.039, Winning Margin: 0.071, Fastest Lap: 17.075 W50 Veronica McCann

    Heat 4 – 8 Laps: 1. W31 Paul Stubber, 2. W26 Ken McPherson, 3. W99 Ryan Halliday, 4. W07 Kodee Brown, 5. W20 Michael Holmes, 6. W83 Daniel Ameduri, 7. W50 Veronica McCann, 8. W95 Jason Bond (3 laps), 9. W34 Matt Nylander (3). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.380, Fastest Lap: 16.471 W31 Paul Stubber

    A Main – 30 Laps: 1. W99 Ryan Halliday, 2. W0 Brad Blake, 3. W07 Kodee Brown, 4. W15 Warren Oldfield, 5. W26 Ken McPherson, 6. W52 Jay Cardy, 7. W71 Jamie Moon, 8. W50 Veronica McCann (29 laps), 9. W14 Willy Powell (28), 10. W44 Laura Byrnes (27). DNF: 11. A1 Kye Blight (9), 12. W82 Matt Amato (9), 13. W20 Michael Holmes (9), 14. W83 Daniel Ameduri (9), 15. W54 David Nylander (5), 16. W31 Paul Stubber (3), 17. W34 Matt Nylander (0). Time; Not Time, Winning Margin: 0.917, Fastest Lap: 16.200 A1 Kye Blight.

    Kodee Brown is proudly sponsored by:
    McCorry Brown Earthmoving
    West Kimberley Cement
    Frontier Cement Supplies
    Eyerite Signs
    Holdfast Fluid Power
    Totally Workwear Broome
    Racin Tyres & Accessories
    GVR Transport

    Photo courtesy of Peter Roebuck

    Kodee Brown in action at the Perth Motorplex - Photo courtesy of Peter Roebuck

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