• It was another solid result for Kodee Brown on Saturday night at the Perth Motorplex, where he finished fourth in the John Day Classic BGC Late Model A Main.

    Brown started the night well, winning his opening heat, holding off several challenges from Ryan Halliday to win the eight lap qualifier by 0.349.

    His second heat race would see Brown finish fifth after starting from the back of the field, allowing Brown to start from position four in the thirty lap main event.

    Brown made an enterprising start which was perpetuated by stoppages, leading to the demise of Jason Bond, David Nylander, Brent Vosbergen, Michael Holmes, Jamie Moon and Paul Stubber by lap six.

    It was only after this that the race settled down, with Ryan Halliday and Warren Oldfield fighting for the lead, with Brown in third. He then challenged for the lead, persisting with the high line passing Oldfield on lap ten as the three drivers battled for the lead for the next two laps.

    Oldfield then passed Brown again, who then came under pressure from 2007 Street Stock Champion, Matt Amato, who passed Brown low on the track, where most of the drivers were racing. Ken McPherson and Matt Goodlad were also battling with Brown and Amato for the minor placings and by lap twenty the duo also passed Brown, who found himself in sixth place when ten laps remaining.

    Meanwhile, Warren Oldfield and Ryan Halliday were still battling out the lead, when Oldfield road over the top of Halliday’s bonnet, ultimately ending Oldfields race. This momentarily put Brown back to fifth, but such is the quality of the field, Brad Blake soon came on the scene.

    A late restart gave Brown a reprieve after Jason Oldfield was stranded in turn two, leading to a short run to the flag. Brown was able to pass both Goodlad and McPherson in the closing laps to salvage fourth place.

    Ryan Halliday would win, defeating Brad Blake and Matt Amato.

    “We made the call early on that we were going to run the top, as the main line looked like the bottom would be the go, but figured everyone else will be targeting that line, so there wasn’t going to be much point following them all around. So plan was to pave a line up there and try to make it work. But the bottom got too quick through the middle of the race for us and I had too much heat through our right rear and it had started to go away. At the last race caution I just threw caution to the wind as hard as I could round the top and had a crack again and managed to get back up to fourth, while everyone was bashing each other round on the bottom again”, said Brown

    Late Models return to the Perth Motorplex on Saturday 26 December.

    Kodee Brown Official Results
    Heat 2, 8 laps: 1. 07 Kodee Brown, 2. 99 Ryan Halliday, 3. 52 Jay Cardy, 4. 26 Ken Macpherson, 5. 23 Joe Chalmers, 6. 71 Jamie Moon, 7. 90 David Boyes, 8. 44 Laura Byrnes, 9. 37 Brendan McKeagg (7), 10. 74 Nathan Richards (7). DNF: 20 Michael Holmes (5). Total Time: 2.19.506. Winning Margin: 0.349. Fastest Lap: 16.834 Ryan Halliday.

    Heat 3, 8 laps: 1. 23 Joe Chalmers, 2. 18 Matt Goodlad, 3. 15 Warren Oldfield, 4. 82 Matt Amato, 5. 07 Kodee Brown, 6. 52 Jay Cardy, 7. 50 Veronica McCann, 8. 44 Laura Byrnes, 9. 37 Brendan McKeagg, 10. 31 Paul Stubber, 11. 74 Nathan Richards. Total Time: 2.17.602. Winning Margin: 0.277. Fastest Lap: 16.769 Paul Stubber.

    Feature Race, 30 laps: 1. 99 Ryan Halliday, 2. 0 Brad Blake, 3. 82 Matt Amato, 4. 07 Kodee Brown, 5. 18 Matt Goodlad, 6. 26 Ken Macpherson, 7. 52 Jay Cardy, 8. 23 Joe Chalmers, 9. 50 Veronica McCann (29), 10. 90 David Boyes (29), 11. 44 Laura Byrnes (29), 12. 37 Brendan McKeagg (27), 13. 74 Nathan Richards (24). DNF: 15 Warren Oldfield (25), 51 Jason Oldfield (24), 31 Paul Stubber (6), 71 Jamie Moon (6), 20 Michael Holmes (3), 54 David Nylander, 8 Brent Vosbergen (0), 95 Jason Bond. DNS: 34 Matt Nylander. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.083. Fastest Lap: 16.406 Ryan Halliday.

    Kodee Brown is proudly sponsored by:
    McCorry Brown Earthmoving
    West Kimberley Cement
    Frontier Cement Supplies
    Eyerite Signs
    Holdfast Fluid Power
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    Photo courtesy of Peter Roebuck
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