• 28 teams rolled into Borderline Speedway Saturday night for RD 8 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series so we knew then that the racing was going to be hard & fast. After some carnage at the start of the Main Todd Moule came home strongly with the win and giving the D26 Moule Motorsport Team their 2nd A Main Series win for the season.
    The hard charging youngster led the main for all 25 laps. V34 Brenten Farrer running in second tried to make moves on Moule through lap traffic but was unable to get the job done. With a solid result SA3 Ben Morris came home in 3rd. SA33 Mark Caruso and SA11 Scott Enderl rounded out the top 5. The fog was rolling in but the field managed to keep it at bay for the race but when the cars stopped it settled and unfortunately the Wingless weren’t able to run their A Main.
    The winning team celebrated a birthday during the week with Dad Tony celebrating another year and what a way to celebrate for them. “Dad will be happy with that. He gave me the hurry up to get up there on the track at one of the restarts and I gave it a go. It worked out and the car was beautiful up there. I can’t thank the boys’ enough.” a very happy Todd said at the post race interview.

    The Flocon 360 Tri State Series came down to the wire going into the A between Farrer and Caruso but with Farrer finishing in front of Caruso it gave him enough points to take out the title. As well as the Title Farrer picked up and additional $3K for his effort.
    Heat races were eventful and after picking up the Heath Hunter Hire Quick Time Award SA98 Chad Ely sat on the infield for his first heat with a broken birdcage. VA75 David Donegan took a big ride in his heat after riding a right rear going into T2. Donnaz exited the car under his own steam and only sore but the crash ended his night. V18 Chris Temby was unable to finish his second heat but the team battled to get the car back for the B unfortunately only to have to throttle jam and sit the B out also. VA91 Dan Scott another to have a horror night.

    Heat race wins went to – Mark Caruso, Ben Morris, Paul Solomon, Zac Farrer, Angus Hollis, and Boyd Harris

    A Main results: - 1st D26 Todd Moule, 2nd V34 Brenten Farrer, 3rd SA3 Ben Morris, 4th SA33 Mark Caruso, 5th SA11 Scott Enderl, 6th SA24 Ricky Maiolo, 7th V95 Ryan Davis, 8th V43 Corey Sandow 9th V7 Paul Solomon, 10th V10 Steven Loader 11th V65 Kane Newcombe, 12th D21 Zac Farrer, 13th V47 Jeremy Kupsch, 14th V44 Angus Hollis-DNF, 15th VA2 Boyd Harris-DNF, 16th SA14 Brendan Quinn, 17th V78 Chris Campbell-DNF, 18th SA10 Steven Caruso – DNF, 19th SA78 Keke Falland-DNF, 20th SA4 Lisa Walker-DNF

    Contingency Winners
    IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Dan Scott - $100 cash
    Bar Up 8 – Corey Sandow
    Bullseye Lucky 7 – Ryan Davis- $100 cash
    Heath Hunter Hire Quick Time Award –Chad Ely – $100 cash
    HCC Maxie’s Keep on Fighting Award – Chris Temby - $100 cash
    TEH Hard Charger – Brenten Farrer - $100 cash
    Fosters Last Man Standing – Jeremy Kupsch - $100 cash
    Hoosier Hero – Todd Moule - $100 Hoosier voucher
    Mint Pig Lucky Draw – Corey Sandow- $100 Fuel Card

    D26 Todd Moule

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